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November Vol 38 (11) 849-944


Bed bugs

Stephen L Doggett, Richard Russell


Danielle M Esler

Management of mammalian bites

Claire Dendle, David Looke

Spider bites

George Braitberg, Leslie Segal

Up front

Once bitten

Kath O’Connor

Letters to the editor


A purpuric rash

Sergio Vano-Galvan, Ingrid Aguayo-Leyva, Jose-Maria Arrazola

Asthma and eligibility for the Australian Defence Force

Jodi Bailey, Felicity Williams

Bites and stings

Helena Britt, Salma Fahridin, Janice Charles

Influencing behaviour change in general practice

Moira G Sim, Toni Wain, Eric Khong

Pandemic preparedness

Annapurna Nori, Mary-Anne Williams


ASPREN surveillance system for influenza-like illness

John Litt, Adriana Parrella, Craig B Dalton, Rodney Pearce, Nigel Stocks

Collaborative care

Mark A J Morgan, James Dunbar, Prasuna Reddy

Improving GP diabetes management

Ann Larson, Cynthia Porter, Charlie Greenfield, Marisa Gilles

Older patients’ attitudes to general practice registrars

Andrew Bonney, Don Iverson, Sandra C Jones, Lyn Phillipson


‘I’m a happy little Vegemite, doctor!’

Declan O’Malley

Health care reform

Julie McDonald, Mark F Harris

Will the NHHRC recommendations drive quality performance?

Andrew Bonney, Elizabeth Farmer

To treat or not to treat

Sara Bird

Vertical integration

Katrina Anderson, Jennifer Thomson

Weight management

Garry Egger, Sam Egger


General practice and the NHH RC report

Jan Radford

AFP in practice

AFP in Practice

Carolyn O’Shea

Back pages

Clinical challenge

Rachel Lee


A ‘tobacco endgame'.

Professor Matthew Peters discusses a range of options that have been raised for a ‘tobacco endgame.’

Occupation and environmental respiratory presentations

Dr Ryan Hoy discusses the range of causes and presentations of respiratory presentations related to occupation and environmental exposures.

Bronchiectasis diagnosis and management

Dr Graeme Maguire discusses bronchiectasis including issues around diagnosis and management

Recreation and travel for patients with chronic lung disease

Christine McDonald discusses the answer to the question ‘Is it okay for me to…?’ when patients with chronic lung disease ask about travel and recreational activities

Women survivors of child abuse

Adeline Lee discusses research into women survivors of child abuse thoughts on being asked about their experiences by GPs.


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