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Weird Skin Stuff

July Vol 38 (7) 465-560
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Blistering skin conditions

Belinda Welsh

Cutaneous melanoma

Alex Chamberlain, Jonathan Ng

Presentations of rash

Graeme C Miller, Salma Fahridin

Skin manifestations of systemic disease

Adriene Lee

Difficult to diagnose skin cancer

Steven Tomas

Up front

The complexities of our outer layer

Jenni Parsons

Letters to the editor


The role of breast MRI in clinical practice

Meagan Brennan, Nehmat Houssami, Andrew J Spillane


Sudheer Ahamed Puthiyaveetil

Weight loss and malnutrition in the elderly

Gemma Sampson


Anxiety and depression in Chinese patients attending an Australian GP clinic

Sarah M Dennis, George Wen-Gin Tang, Elizabeth Comino, Nicholas A Zwar

Bacterial skin infections

Geoffrey Spurling, David King, Deborah A Askew, Geoffrey K Mitchell

Education in skin cancer management - Assessing knowledge and safety

Helena Rosengren, Thomas Connelly, John B Dixon, Anthony Dixon


Electronic medical records – where to from here?

Christopher Pearce

Harassment of GPs

Sara Bird


The doctor of the future

Des Gorman

AFP in practice

AFP in Practice

Carolyn O’Shea

Back pages

Book reviews

Clinical challenge

Rachel Lee


Dermatoscopy in routine practice – ‘Chaos and Clues’

Dr Cliff Rosendahl discusses the importance of dermatoscopy and outlines an approach that GPs can use to enhance their practice centred on the concepts of 'Chaos and Clues'

Nonmelanoma skin cancers – treatment options

Dr Philip Clarke discusses the treatment options for nonmelanoma skin cancers.

Melanoma – a management guide for GPs

Prof John Thompson discusses melanoma management.

Skin checks

Professor Rod Sinclair discusses 'skin checks' what are the recommendations? How might you do it? How can you classify what you find? and much more


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