Australian Family Physician
Australian Family Physician


Volume 38, Issue 1, January-February 2009

General practice registrar teaching roles Is there a need for shared understanding?

Jenny Dodd Alistair Vickery Hilleke van Osch Jon Emery
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There is currently a shortage of general practitioners and an increase in the number of medical students and general practice trainees. The expanded involvement of general practice registrars in teaching roles has been suggested as part of the solution to increasing the number of teaching roles in general practice.
This study reports on the congruence and difference in views between GPs and registrars concerning the capacity for and scope of general practice registrar teaching in the general practice setting. There is a need to negotiate and identify the most appropriate general practice registrar teaching roles with both groups.
Results showed that 52.1% of GPs and 77.1% of registrars agreed that general practice registrars could increase teaching roles in general practice settings, but the two groups differed in their views about the scope of such teaching.

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