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Dr Vinh Tran

Dr Vinh Tran

Dr Vinh Tran

Dr Vinh Tran is a Family GP with a keen interest in helping others to achieve good physical health as well as good emotional health and wellbeing through the biopsychosocial approach including psychotherapy, relationship work, parenting education and health coaching.  He is a co-director of a large multidisciplinary clinic in Springfield Central where they train Medical Students as well as Registrars.  He also has an interest in Corporate Wellness and does stress management workshops for the workplace as well as schools.

He is also the co-founder of HealthProXchange, which is close Facebook forum where all Health Professionals can connect, interact, learn and support each other in the hope so that we can better collaborate for the benefit of our patients.  The other purpose of HealthProXchange is to promote good self-care for Health Professionals.  For us to look after others well, we must first self care.

Day two, Sunday 7 May
Boulevard Room: 8:30

How GPs can help themselves and their patients navigate the mental health challenges of 'emerging into a new normal'


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