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RACGP Submission: Mental Health Framework Consultation

22 August 2012

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) thanks the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia for the opportunity to provide feedback on the PSA Mental Health Care Project – Draft Framework (2012).

The RACGP is the specialty medical college for general practice in Australia, responsible for defining the nature of the discipline, setting the standards and curriculum for education and training, maintaining the standards for quality clinical practice and supporting general practitioners in their pursuit of excellence in patient care and community service.

The RACGP National Standing Committee - Quality Care has reviewed this paper and herein provides feedback on questions relevant to the contribution and role of the pharmacist within the primary healthcare team.

Consultation question 4: Does Figure 1 provide you with a good understanding of the range and types of roles and services that pharmacists can fulfil as partners in the mental health care team? From the general practice perspective, Figure 1 details a range of existing and potential activities relevant to the role of the pharmacists within the primary healthcare team. These include:

  • Health promotion – in house posters and participation in health awareness campaigns
  • Educating and informing consumers about their medicines
  • Encouraging self-medication management
  • Encouraging people at risk to seek help and refer to appropriate local mental health services.