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Home Medicines Review (HMR) hospital referral pathway – consultation paper and invitation to discuss

25 January 2012

The College feels by-passing a patient’s GP raises serious safety issues. Having an understanding of a patients complete past history is essential to ensuring that the safest and most appropriate advice is given to the patient. This is one of the principles underpinning HMR.

Many GPs will tell of experiences of inappropriate hospital discharges given the patients complete past history. An episode or two in a hospital can not replace the years of accumulated health data and knowledge held by a patient’s GP and within their general practice. Given that it is very likely that patients recommended for a HMR have established relationships with their GPs it seems inappropriate and unnecessary to provide a mechanism that will enable pharmacists to perform a HMR in the absence of such history and expertise. For ‘high risk’ patients this would be even more important.