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Media release

Atticus Health Carrum named 2017 General Practice of the Year

25 October 2017

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is delighted to announce that Victoria’s Atticus Health Carrum is the recipient of the 2017 RACGP General Practice of the Year Award.

The award recognises a practice’s approach to patient health and wellbeing, exemplary service and quality of care provided to patients, health promotion initiatives and the practice’s involvement in general practice teaching.

RACGP President Dr Bastian Seidel presented the award at the RACGP’s annual conference – GP17 – in Sydney. Dr Seidel said Atticus Health Carrum was a standout among this year’s state finalists.

“Atticus Health Carrum is completely focused on preventive healthcare and achieves this with a truly holistic approach,” Dr Seidel said.

“The team at Atticus Health Carrum delivers services with passion and seeks to understand patients, never judge, order or stereotype them.”

Dr Seidel said everyone in the Atticus Health Carrum team must be commended for the level of support they have provided their community.

“Atticus Health Carrum patients are all treated as individuals, which involves an enormous amount of time and careful management,” Dr Seidel said.

“This is the level of care Australian patients deserve. The people of Carrum are in great hands.”

Atticus Health Carrum is a relatively new general practice with a focus on connecting with and caring for all members of the Carrum and surrounding communities.

Named after Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mockingbird, the medical team at Atticus Health Carrum also strives to represent all individuals to the best of their ability.

Atticus Health Carrum leads the way in preventive health initiatives, with an on-site gym available for staff and patients. Access to the gym is available for any patients with or who have had cancer.

GP17 runs from 26–28 October 2017 at the International Conference Centre in Sydney. Visit the GP17 website for more information.