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RACGP Specific Interests

RACGP Specific Interests

Endorsed Networks and Working Groups

Endorsed Networks

NetworkEndorsedContact Chair
Abuse and Violence Jun 2011 Dr Elizabeth (Libby) Hindmarsh
Addiction Medicine Feb 2010 Dr Hester Wilson
Aged Care Mar 2012 Dr John Parikh
Allergy Nov 2017 Dr Joanne Simpson
Antenatal/Postnatal Care Feb 2012 Dr Wendy Burton
Breast Medicine (subgroup) May 2009 Dr Alia Kaderbhai 
(subgroup coordinator)
Business of General Practice Jun 2016 Dr Sean Stevens
Cancer and Palliative Care May 2013 A/Prof Joel Rhee
Cardiology June 2017 Dr Atef Asham
Child and Young Person's Health Jun 2010 Dr Michael Fasher
Custodial Health Dec 2009 Dr Penny Abbott
Dermatology Jun 2016 Dr Morton Rawlin
Diabetes Aug 2011 Dr Gary Deed
Disability Feb 2016 A/Prof Robert Davis
Disaster Management Jul 2012 Dr Glynn Kelly
eHealth Feb 2014 Dr Trina Gregory
Environmental Impacts in General Practice Nov 2015 Dr Janie Maxwell
Hospital Medicine Dec 2011 Dr Patrick Clancy
Medical Education Feb 2009 Dr Rebecca Stewart
Musculoskeletal Medicine Jun 2011 Dr Scott Masters
Obesity Management Nov 2014 Dr Georgia Rigas
Pain Management Feb 2009 Dr Milana Votrubec
Refugee Health Apr 2011 Dr Kate Walker
Respiratory Medicine Aug 2016 Dr Kerry Hancock
Sexual Health Medicine Jun 2014 Dr Larissa Roeske
Sport and Exercise Medicine Feb 2009 Dr Gill Cowen

Endorsed Working Group

Working GroupEndorsedContact
Integrative Medicine Feb 2009 (network)
Sep 2012 (working group)
Dr Carolyn Ee
Military Medicine Feb 2010 (network)
Dec 2011 (working group)
Dr Glenn Pascoe
Psychological Medicine Jun 2010 (network)
Sep 2012 (working group)
Dr Darra Murphy