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Clinical guidelines

Supporting smoking cessationA guide for health professionals

Summary of July 2014 changes

A high level review and update of the Guidelines was undertaken in July 2014. A more comprehensive update is expected to be undertaken in 2016. The July 2014 review resulted in the following key changes:

  • Data on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander smoking rates updated.
  • Inclusion of accredited tobacco treatment specialists as a referral option.
  • Additional evidence from a Cochrane review added indicating that combination nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) or varenicline are the most effective forms of pharmacotherapy.
  • Update of the NRT section encouraging health professionals to consider combination NRT.
  • Addition of information on new types of NRT and removal of types no longer available.
  • Update of evidence on varenicline, mental health and cardiovascular disease.
  • Update of section on smoking in pregnancy with clearer advice on the role of NRT.
  • Expansion of the section on e-cigarettes with more information on current state of knowledge of their potential role and possible risks.
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