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Clinical guidelines

Clinical guidance for MRI referral

As part of the Government’s Diagnostic Reform Package, Medicare requesting rights for GPs are being extended.

From November 2013, GPs will be able to request MRI studies of three anatomical regions with six clinical indications for patients aged 16 years and over. The regions and indications are:

  • head – unexplained seizure(s) and chronic headache with suspected intracranial pathology
  • cervical spine – cervical radiculopathy and cervical spine trauma
  • knee – acute anterior cruciate ligament and acute meniscal tear.

The Department of Health commissioned the RACGP in July 2013 to produce evidence-based clinical guidance in time for the introduction of the new MBS-supported MRI items in November 2013.This guidance has been developed by GPs for GPs, in consultation with radiologists and other specialists as appropriate. The guidance aims to support evidence-based decision making, reduce inappropriate referral and improve patient outcomes.

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