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Putting prevention into practice (Green Book)

Health summary sheet

Health summary sheets (HSS) are a useful aid to identify what prevention has been done and to prompt for what needs to be done. Patient information from registers and patient prevention surveys may be incorporated into the HSS.

The HSS can be kept in a hand held file or on computer and documents active medical problems, relevant past medical history, current medications, immunisations, allergies, operations, as well as prevention and risk factor information. The HSS may only target a single chronic disease or particular condition (eg. diabetes, antenatal record, 75+ health assessment).

Updating health summaries

One practice has decided on a step-by-step approach to updating the HSS involving all practice staff. At regular intervals the practice focuses on one aspect of the HSS and moves progressively through all subject areas.

Mary Mathews, Monash Division of General Practice, Victoria,