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Putting prevention into practice (Green Book)

Effective information management

General practice information management can harness information resources and capabilities that can create value for the practice as a business entity as well as improving patient care in prevention and delivering efficiency gains.

Benefits from managing health information strategically include:

  • The delivery of more consistent and better quality of patient care: this can be to all patients or to targeted groups through:
    • increased adherence to guidelines124,125
    • reminders126
    • screening127
    • electronic health records
    • use of practice registers
  • Reduction in the likelihood of medical errors:
    • response to prompts and reminders
    • better identification of needs, either opportunistically or in summary sheets
    • improved accuracy of information through better legibility of records and greater disclosure of sensitive information
    • improved organisation of clinical information
  • Improved efficiency
    • prescribing
    • saves GP time by directly gathering information from patients
    • improved storage of information (eg. pathology and imaging, medications)
    • reduced duplication of tests
    • increased use of generic prescribing128
  • Improved communication (amount and format) between GPs, patients and health care sectors through:
    • the sharing of data, including discharge summaries
    • record linkages
    • patient education
  • Improved access
    • to care (eg. telehealth)
    • to information (eg. automated education voice messages, the internet)
  • Improved clinical decision making through access to:
    • computerised clinical decision support systems
    • high quality information (eg. Cochrane reviews)
    • quality patient education material
    • more complete health summaries129.

Other benefits include:

  • acceptable for patients
  • reduced costs.130,131

If you have a prevention plan, your information management system will become a tool for monitoring progress.


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