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Prescribing drugs of dependence in general practice

Prescribing drugs of dependence in general practice

Welcome to RACGP’s guide on Prescribing drugs of dependence.

The guide includes:

Part A: Clinical Governance Framework (for prescribing drugs of dependence in general practice):

Part A to the guide provides practices with key principles, strategies and tools for appropriately prescribing or not prescribing drugs of dependence. Complementing the Australian regulatory framework, Part A of the guide summarises the complex levels of formal and informal controls in this area. The guide describes how applying a clinical governance framework can improve patient care and reduce abuse, misuse and dependence.

Part B: Benzodiazepines

Part B to the guide aims to assist general practitioners in appropriate prescribing of benzodiazepines, to discourage inappropriate use and to reduce harm. Implementing principles from Part B of the guide will facilitate accountable prescribing of benzodiazepines, improve practice systems of care and support patient-focused care.

Part C: Opioid Prescribing

Part C to the guide aims to help general practitioners (GPs) prescribe opioids appropriately in the general practice context. 

Upscheduling of codeine

Important information and resources for general practice. 

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