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The RACGP, in collaboration with the Medical Software Industry Association, commenced a project aimed at improving GP clinical software functionality called the OPTIMUS project. This project was initiated by the RACGP with GPs raising the need for standardised functionality and system wide improvements across GP clinical desktop systems.

OPTIMUS stands for Open Primary care Technology that is Interoperable Meaningful, Useable and Safe.

OPTIMUS aims to:

  • Engage in open dialogue between the clinical and vendor community
  • Reach common agreement on GP clinical software function improvements and the mechanisms to do so
  • Work towards a well-designed and usable GP clinical software that supports the current and future workflow
  • Develop a framework that supports high quality system design.
  • Establish a formal relationship for joint work between the RACGP and the Medical Software Industry Association

OPTIMUS goals are for:

  • Clinical systems are standardised in the way they record, use and share information
  • GPs can safely work with any software solution and expect the information will be managed in the same way
  • Reducing clinical risk by facilitating consistency across systems
  • Improving the collection, management and use of information.