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Practice guides and tools

The RACGP Best Practice Guide for Collaborative Care between General Practitioners and Residential Aged Care Facilities

And Collaborative Care Information Form


Providing medical care for residents requires the use of effective and robust practice systems, clear and transparent arrangements that support General Practitioners (GPs) working with multiple Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) as well as other members of the health care team. Due to the complexity of multidisciplinary care needs and multiple care providers, it is essential that systems of care and collaborative arrangements are clearly defined.

This ‘Best Practice Guide’ and accompanying ‘Information Form’ serve to provide GPs, general practice staff and RACF staff with advice regarding best practice for collaborative arrangements for the care of older persons in RACFs (‘residents’) in Australia, and has been designed to be read in conjunction with the RACGP ‘Silver book’ The Medical Care of Older Persons in Residential Aged Care Facilities.

The advice provided in the ‘Best Practice Guide’ is in alignment with the Living Longer, Living Better Aged Care Reforms in Australia, which aims to provide older Australians with more choice, control, and better access to care informed by clinical need - regardless of whether they are new or existing residents, and across both high-care and low-care RACFs.

Purpose of the guide (and accompanying information form & templates)

These  resources have been developed with the following aims in mind:

  • To offer Australian older people living in RACFs access to the safest, highest quality ongoing and timely primary care
  • To identify favourable processes to assist parties creating an efficient and effective service provision environment
  • To clearly identify roles and responsibilities, mutually agreeable processes for consultation, referral and transfer of a resident’s care, and to provide clarity between both parties.
  • To facilitate a continuum of care
  • To minimise the potential litigation risk to GPs, practice staff, and RACF staff
  • To foster solid working relationships that will subsequently serve to assist retain and encourage more GPs to work in RACFs
  • To address the current barriers to providing care to residents of RACFs
  • To achieve high levels of satisfaction for all parties involved
  • To ensure residents are aware of likely costs of services they receive from their General Practitioner. 

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