Kaufman gravity syringe

Item details

Object number M-956
Manufacturer Becton, Dickinson & Co.
Place USA
Date 1960s
Category Syringes


This item is a Becton Dickinson & Company ‘Kaufman’ hypodermic syringe, being a variation of their well-known ‘Luer’ syringe, the first all-glass syringe to be developed and sold in the United States. Becton Dickinson’s ‘Luer’ syringe became available in the 1890s, and was succeeded by the displayed model patented by Dr Gerson Kaufman in 1930. This was later produced by the company.  The exact manufacture date of the displayed item is presumed to be 1960. Becton Dickinson have been based in the American state of New Jersey since the late 19th century.