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Control syringe

Item details

Object number M-332
Manufacturer Becton, Dickinson & Co.
Place New Jersey
Date 1950s
Category Syringes


This item is a Becton Dickinson & Company ‘Luer’ hypodermic syringe, well-known as being the first all-glass syringe to be developed and sold by the company. This item became available to customers in 1897 and quickly became popular due to its glass transparency which provided significant advantages over other syringes. Dosages could be administered and recorded more precisely than with older-generation, non-transparent metal syringes. The item shown was manufactured in 1957, however it is faithful to the original Luer design of sixty years earlier. The rings in the box are finger-grip attachments which help to provide innoculators with optimal control, accuracy, and safety during administration. Becton Dickinson & Company have been based in the American state of New Jersey since the late 19th century.