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Stethoscope - Bowles non-chill phonendoscope

Item details

Object number M-64
Manufacturer Pilling
Place Philadelphia
Date 1900s
Category Stethoscopes


This early example of the modern acoustic stethoscope was manufactured by the Pilling Company of Philadelphia in the USA, in 1904. It is an example of the ‘phonendoscope’ stethoscope variety, which is sensitized to transmit ‘auscultatory’ (human body) sounds. The modern stethoscope owes much to the work of Drs Arthur Leared and George Cammann, who transformed the original design of the stethoscope into a bi-aural instrument, for improved observance of the body’s auscultation. The item is comprised of metal and rubber. Integration of rubber as part of the stethoscope stem meant that it could be applied more flexibly to the body.