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Keeler ophthalmoscope

Item details

Object number M-671
Manufacturer Keeler
Place London
Date 1970s
Category Ophthalmic and ocular instruments
Material Metal, Rechargeable Cadmium Battery


This item was manufactured by the Keeler Company in the United Kingdom in 1970. It conforms to the original design principles for ophthalmoscopes as engineered by Dr Hermann Von Helmholtz. Dr Von Helmholtz specified that the essential requirements for ophthalmoscopes were an illumination source, a reflecting surface training light to the eye, and a way to correct unclear images on the fundus. Whilst the shape of the ophthalmoscope has undergone adjustment with the incorporation of incandescent and other bulbs, and internal power sources, no radical changes have been made to the design precepts outlined by Von Helmholtz. The item shown in the caption is characteristic of the modern ophthalmoscope, although it was manufactured more than forty years ago.