Glaxo feeder

Item details

Object number M-8008
Manufacturer Glaxo
Place Glaxo, Sydney or Melbourne
Date 1940s
Category Curiosities and miscellaneous
Material Glass in cardboard box.


In 1894 Allen and Hanbury of London began making double-ended baby feeders ‘baby boat feed bottles’. There would have been a rubber teat on one end and a valve on the other to even the feed flow. Easy cleaning was the major improvement over previous designs which often relied on hard to clean rubber tubing.

The baby boat bottle displayed was made by Glaxo, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia around the 1940’s.

The feed mixtures included animal milk, liquids made from grains and sugar (rather like a baby beer) and ‘pap’ made from a combination of bread, water, grain and wine. Glaxo advised on the box that Adexolin vitamins A and D should be added to every feed.