The Robyn Cronnolly bequest essay

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Robyn Cronnolly Bequest essay
In 2007, the family of the late Robyn Cronnolly bequeathed to the RACGP a sum of money to be used for a history project.

Robyn was a member of staff from 1994 until her untimely death in 2006. At the request of her family, this essay has been commissioned to celebrate the positive contributions made to the College by its staff and Members since its inception in 1958.

The scope of this project has enabled only a small number of staff who have made their own significant contribution to the College to be highlighted.

It is hoped that a much larger and updated history of the College would allow the time and space to more fully explore the contributions of a wider range of people who have influenced the College by their presence, their dedication and their individual initiatives.

The following essay outlines some of the major milestones in the College’s 52 year history.

It briefly describes the earliest days of establishment and highlights periods of triumph, achievements in educational training, and the need to embrace challenge and change. From the outset, the College has responded to economic realities and shifts in social and political thinking.

It therefore follows that individuals associated with the College have also responded to these contingencies.

The individuals highlighted in this essay are among the great number of staff and Members who have given ‘above and beyond’ the expectations of the College, and as such, are honoured here.

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