Quality Care

About this committee

The RACGP Expert Committee – Quality Care (REC– QC) is responsible for advising on matters of clinical significance to the RACGP and general practice. The REC-QC strives to champion and facilitate high standard Australian general practice, and position general practice to make a substantial contribution to the emerging quality initiatives within the Australian health system.

The roles of the REC-QC are to:

  • maintain high quality, evidence-based tools and resources to improve delivery of care in general practice, supporting preventive care,
  • provide advice and direction on matters of clinical excellence,
  • provide input into guidelines, position papers and RACGP responses to submissions related to clinical issues or delivery of quality care,
  • ensure the Committee represents key portfolios in the areas of: preventive health; multimorbidity and chronic disease management; safety, quality, evaluation and monitoring; aged and palliative care; mental health, and
  • assist in sourcing of GPs to represent the RACGP on external committees and projects.

Strategic directions

The RACGP has four strategic priorities. These are:

  • Deliver exceptional membership experiences and value
  • Advocate for quality, well-funded general practice to remain at the heart of effective Australian healthcare
  • Develop and implement a nation‑leading education framework for general practice
  • Strive for excellence in delivering world‑class services by reinforcing a strong, lean and effective RACGP that will always work for Australia’s GPs

Current members of the REC-QC


Prof Mark Morgan – Chair

A/Prof Paresh Dawda

Dr Michael Tam

Dr Ken McCroary

Dr Gary Deed

A/Prof Dan Ewald

Clinical A/Prof Magdalena Simonis

A/Prof Rowena Ivers

Dr Marguerite Tracy

Dr Mary Beth MacIsaac

Dr Christine Walker



RACGP Expert Committee – Quality Care

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

100 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, VIC 3002

 (03) 8699 0392