Practice Technology and Management

About this committee

The REC PTM is responsible for advising on matters of digital technology and practice management. The REC also supports GPs by developing a range of resources covering topics relevant to these areas. Formally known as the eHealth Committee, the RACGP Expert Committee – Practice Technology & Management provides a range of resources to help GPs better manage the day to day requirements of their practice and to support eHealth systems that improve patient care and create a more sustainable healthcare system.

The role of REC-PTM is to:

  • provide informed advice on e-health developments, information management, e-health standards and other areas of development that impact on the future operation of Australian general practice
  • provide input into position papers and RACGP responses to submissions related to ehealth, digital technology in general practice and practice management,
  • advise on maintenance of business tools and resources to support general practitioners and general practice, and
  • support and promote the uptake of technology in general practice

Strategic directions

The RACGP has seven main strategic objectives. These are leadership of the profession, clinical principles for the profession, general practice lifelong learning, building modern practice through technology, member engagement and academic leadership.

The following core values underpin the work of the REC-PTM:

  • Achieve quality and excellence
  • Promote a unified voice for general practice
  • Be evidence-based, forward thinking and innovative
  • Collaborate widely
  • Work with integrity ensuring we are ethical, honest and transparent
  • An adequately supplied general practice workforce

It should be noted REC PTM does not provide advice on specific products and services to members or other interested parties.

Current members of the REC – PTM (as of September 2019)



Dr Rob Hosking – Chair

Dr Alan Leeb

Dr Steven Kaye

Dr Kam Wong

Dr Amandeep Hansra

Dr Penny Burns

Dr Glynn Kelly

Dr David Adam

Dr Nathan Pinskier  


RACGP Expert Committee – Practice Technology and Management

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

100 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne, VIC 3002

 (03) 8699 0391