Registrars Membership Advisory Committee (RMAC)

About this committee

The purpose of RMAC is to provide through RACGP management, current member representative feedback, advice, general direction and profession specific information and advice. In turn this advice can be used to inform proposals to Council.

Functions and responsibilities

  • To provide feedback, suggestions and views on areas on strategies to support, attract and retain Registrar members.
  • To present feedback and suggestions from other colleagues regarding member services that the RACGP can provide to assist Registrars in delivering high quality and safe patient care, and that support their daily clinical practice. This includes feedback on enhancing current services provided by the RACGP, as well as potential additional services the RACGP may consider providing.
  • To present feedback and suggestions from other colleagues regarding member services that the RACGP can provide to support Registrars quality of life.
  • Through the relevant faculty to be ‘ambassadors’ for the RACGP. This may include:
    • assisting in member engagement activities to encourage Registrar members in your local area to become more actively involved in the RACGP
    • and encourage non-member Registrar colleagues to take up RACGP membership.

The committee will consider the scope of the following RACGP membership activities as encompassed by the RACGP’s strategic directions:

  • Membership and Services.
  • Retention programs that may be specifically designed on a geographical, segmented, National or faculty–by-faculty basis.
  • Acquisition strategies to attract new RACGP members.
  • New and existing initiatives that impact on membership from a Registrar member’s perspective.
  • Advice on appropriate membership policies including the provision of member services to Registrar members on faculty and national level.
  • Other issues as presented by the General Manager, Products.

Committee members



Dr Krystyna de Lange


Dr Emily Kirkpatrick

SA representative

Dr Samantha Wyton

TAS representative

Dr Sama Balasubramanian

NSW representative

Dr Billy Stoupas

VIC representative

Dr Abhishek Verma

Council of Assessment representative

Dr Jessica Tidemann

ACT representative

Dr Savita Kaila

QLD representative


WA representative


In attendance



Ms Leah Austin

Membership Officer, Member Services


More information

The Registrars Membership Advisory Committee meets face to face once a year and also three times a year via teleconference. Committee terms are for a period of three years.



Download the terms of reference

Registrars Membership Advisory Committee (RMAC) terms of reference (PDF 361 KB)