JCCA CPD Standard


The JCCA CPD Standard (previously Maintenance of Professional Standards) was introduced by the JCCA in the 1996–98 triennium as a means for general practitioners providing anaesthesia services to develop their continuing professional development (CPD) or professional development (PDP) activities in the area of anaesthesia. Effective CPD is understood by the medical profession as educational activity that results in quality improvement in clinical practice.

The JCCA CPD Standard program ceased on 31 December 2022. Rural GP anaesthetists should contact their GP college to enquire re CPD/PDP requirements for GP anaesthesia in the future.

The standard reference curriculum for this program is the Curriculum for general practitioner anaesthesia.

Successful completion of the JCCA CPD Standard program leads to the issue of a certificate of completion.


During 2016 the Victorian Coroner recommended that in order that general practitioners providing anaesthesia services remain informed, appraised of and proficient in current practice and current practice standards in the area of anaesthesia a compulsory continuing professional development (CPD) scheme be implemented.

A second recommendation was to link the provision of ongoing or triennium accreditation to practice as a general practitioner providing anaesthesia services only on the completion of compulsory CPD points as determined within the stated period.

This was discussed by the JCCA and agreed that a mandatory CPD program should be introduced for the 2017–19 triennium. The JCCA recognised that it could only recommend compliance with the CPD Standard. However, this information was advised to health authorities encouraging that demonstration of compliance with the JCCA CPD Standard should be sought from general practitioners providing anaesthesia services as part of routine credentialing processes.

2020-22 triennium requirements

The 2020–22 requirements are outlined in the handbook which can be downloaded below.


Rural GPAs register to complete the CPD Standard requirements with their college’s CPD/PDP program. 

Non-members of any of the three colleges can register to have their activities adjudicated by the RACGP. There is a registration form below which should be submitted to the RACGP National CPD office. A fee will be payable.

As participation in the JCCA CPD Standard is not mandatory, a rural GPA can present their CPD/PDP statement which details anaesthesia CPD to their credentialing committee for evidence of ongoing CPD/PDP in the area.


There is an FAQ document which can be downloaded below which provides more information for GPs. In particular GPs should note the availability of a new emergency response activity by ANZCA.

There is an additional ANZCA accredited ER activity - COVID-19 airway management Emergency response education session. This activity is available for the rural GPAs who participate in the Joint Consultative Committee on Anaesthesia (JCCA CPD Standard 20-22 if they completed it after 6 April 2020, which was the date of accreditation by ANZCA. It is subject to ongoing accreditation by ANZCA, dependent upon the status of COVID-19. Course providers (usually a hospital) do not need to apply to ANZCA to have this workshop approved. Although ANZCA advises providers and GPA/FANZCAs that the onus is on them to ensure their workshop meets the required standard, and if it does, they are able to claim it as an ER activity.

COVID-19 - Information for CPD participants

This activity is equivalent to all emergency response activities such as CICO, anaphylaxis etc. By way of clarification this means that it is equivalent to only one ER activity, but it can be any one from the list of four in the handbook.