Vocational Training Standards - Project Advisory Group (PAG)

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About this committee

The VT Standards PAG provides expert advice, cultivates ideas and fosters ways to ensuring the RACGP Vocational Training Standards are successfully applied.

The objective of PAG is to advise the Vocational Training Education Committee (VTEC) and Education Quality team on how to interpret and incorporate stakeholder feedback. The Project Advisory Group also reviews and amends key information that will assist Regional Training Providers interpret and provide evidence against the RACGP Vocational Training Standards.




Dr Brendan Peek

CEO of General Practice Training Valley to Coast

Dr Bruce Willett


Dr Eleanor Chew

Chair of PAG

Dr Gerard Considine


Dr Jomini Cheong


Dr Kaye Atkinson

Victoria State Censor

Dr Mark Miller

Censor in Chief

Dr Neil Spike

Director of Training of VMA

Dr Nina Robertson

Council Member

Sharon Flynn

CEO of Coast City Country General Practice Training

Dr Timothy Senior

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Committee

In attendance



Dr Mark Rowe

General Manager, RACGP Education Services

Vanessa Lynne

Senior Education Advisor, Education Quality

Terms of reference

Please see PDF below for the Terms of Reference for PAG.


PAG meet quarterly via teleconference and hold two face-to-face meeting each calendar year.

Download the terms of reference

 PAG Terms of reference (PDF 80 KB)