Vocational Training Education Committee (VTEC)

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About this committee

VTEC is an advisory committee who make recommendations, provide expert advice and report high-risk matters around the RACGP Vocation Training Standards to Council.




Dr Allison Turnock


Dr Chris Hughes

Tasmania State Censor

Dr Greg Gladman

National Rural Faculty

Dr Guan Yeo

Council Member

Dr Hung Nguyen

Board of Censors

Ms Linda Black


Dr Mark Miller

Censor in Chief

A/Prof Morton Rawlin

Council Member

Dr Wendy Thornthwaite

National Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

In attendance




Dr Mark Rowe

General Manager, RACGP Education Services

Vanessa Lynne

Senior Education Advisor, Education Quality

Audrey Ellis

Education Quality Compliance Coordinator

Cecilia Nesci

Vocational Training Standards Compliance Officer

Terms of reference

Please see PDF below for the Terms of Reference for VTEC.


VTEC meets face to face twice a year and by teleconference eight times a year between the months of February and November.

Download the terms of reference

 VTEC Terms of reference (PDF  151 KB)