Rural Education Committee

About this committee

The Rural Education Committee is a sub-committee of the RACGP Rural Council and provides direction to RACGP Rural on education, general practice vocational training and the Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP).

Functions and responsibilities

  • Enhance excellence in general practice training and education through providing input into:
    • standards
    • curriculums
    • assessments
    • quality assurance
    • ongoing professional development
  • Provide advice to the RACGP Rural Council and RACGP management on the FARGP and rural education matters
  • Identify enablers and barriers for increasing enrolment in the FARGP
  • Consult and liaise with stakeholders to seek their feedback on the FARGP and other rural education matters
  • Provide advice to the RACGP on initiatives related to Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) activities
  • Support the RACGP Rural team to assist candidates to meet the requirements of the FARGP
  • Consider any other matters pertinent to rural general practice education as required, or as delegated by the RACGP Rural Council

Committee members



Dr Tim Mooney

Chair, Rural Education Committee

Dr John Buckley

Deputy Chair, Rural Education Committee

Dr Ken Wanguhu

RACGP Rural Censor

Associate Professor Ayman Shenouda

Chair, RACGP Rural Board

Dr Riitta Partanen


Dr Sandra Mendel


Dr Vanessa Moran


Dr Eugene Wong



Also in attendance



Dr Ross Wilson

Past Chair, RACGP Education Committee


Chair, RACGP Expert Committee – Post Fellowship Education

Dr Ashlea Broomfield

Chair, RACGP Expert Committee – Pre Fellowship Education (Interim)

Dr Genevieve Yates

General Manager, Education Services

Chris Kyranis

Manager, RACGP Rural

More information

The Rural Education Committee meets face-to-face once a year and by teleconference four times a year. Rural Education Committee terms are for three years, with a maximum of two consecutive three year terms allowed.

Vacant positions

There are currently no vacant positions available.


For further details please contact REC Chair:

 1800 636 764

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