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Peer Group Learning

About provider-led Peer Group Learning

Peer groups are an ideal format in which GPs can share their knowledge, discuss daily practice with peers and learn from each other.
The Peer Group Learning (PGL) activity is designed to maximise the benefits of working and learning together in a peer group educational setting. A PGL utilises peer support, interaction and reflection to enhance participants’ clinical competence, knowledge, skills, attitudes and performance. PGLs can also encourage collaboration and strengthen teams.

Structure of a PGL Activity 

One “cycle” of a PGL commences with a planning meeting, followed by at least 4 hours of cumulative education activity, and concludes with a review meeting. The planning meeting, education activity meetings and review meeting must all be standalone sessions. The rationale behind the cumulative approach is to allow opportunity for the participants to reflect on the learning after each meeting and ample time to prepare for the next meeting.
Each education activity must run for at least one hour, not including meals/refreshments. The meeting format may be structured as 4 x 1-hour meetings, or 2 x 2-hour meetings. To increase the likelihood of participants being able to meet the minimum attendance requirements, i.e., 4 hours the RACGP encourages groups to schedule more than the minimum number of hours required e.g., scheduling at least 6 hours of education activity meetings.
One completed cycle of Peer Group Learning is worth 40 Accredited Activity CPD points. Each cycle is a separate PGL application. 


  • A minimum of two and a maximum of 20 participants (may include practice staff and allied health professionals).
  • The cycle commences with a planning meeting
  • A minimum of 4 hours of cumulative education meetings with a duration of 1 hour each.
  • The cycle concludes with a review meeting
  • All meetings must be documented using the template provided
  • Each PGL meeting must have at least 50% dedicated to case-based discussions.
  • Each GP participant is highly encouraged to share their own case/experience and receive peer feedback at least once during the PGL cycle.
  • To be eligible for the 40 Accredited Activity CPD points there must be evidence that the GP participated in the planning meeting, completed at least 4 hours of education activity meetings and participated in the review meeting.

CPD Points application process

At the end of the cycle, RACGP will upload GP attendance list and activity report. All GPs who completed the minimum requirements i.e., participated in planning meeting, completed 4 hours of PGL activity meetings and participated in the review meeting, will be allocated 40 CPD points.


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