GPADD18 - Dealing with addiction

Dealing with addiction

This conference addressed some of the most common addictions and associated conditions that are presented to GPs in their daily practice, including chronic pain, real-time prescription monitoring, pharmacotherapy and more.

Participants received the latest updates and practical tools for early detection, preventative approaches and management of drug, alcohol and other addiction-related problems.

Please see the resources from the conference below:


Presented by


What a pain! Symposium

Ms Soula Mantalvanos

PDF (768 KB)

What a pain! Symposium

Dr Simon Holliday

PDF (540 KB)

What a pain! Symposium

Dr Nick Christelis

PDF (1.2 MB)

Teaching Inspector Columbo's secret  - MI in GP

Dr Monica Moore

PDF (146 KB)

TEMPO - pain management for GPs workshop

Dr Simon Holliday and Dr Nick Christelis

PDF (1.3 MB)

MATOD prescribers extension workshop

Dr Ferghal Armstrong

PDF (147 KB)

Recognising and amanging opiate dependence

Paul MacCartney

PDF (1.1 MB)

Pharmacotherapy resources


PDF (200 KB)

Treating insomnia


PDF (943 KB)

Management of benzodiazepine misuse and dependence


PDF (132 KB)