New Fellows Committee


Committee members

Dr Natalia Rode (Chair)

Dr Ahmed Nagla

Dr Aadhil Aziz

Dr Ashraf Takla

Dr Wilson Chong   

Dr Kate Thornton

Dr Kate Exon

Dr Kenneth Ugwu

Dr Cathryn Liebau  

Dr Raghuraj Vasanthan

Dr Mohamed (Imran) Marzook



The RACGP Victoria New Fellow Committee provide clinical updates regularly. For more information visit the RACGP Victoria New Fellow Committee updates page.

Women in General Practice Committee


Committee members

Dr Marina Malcolm (Chair)

Dr Karen Price

Dr Manisha Fernando

Dr Larissa Roeske

​Dr Katy Harrison

Dr Magda Simonis

Dr Niamah Logue



Drug and Alcohol Committee


Committee members

Dr Kathryn Rainsford (Chair)

Dr Cameron Loy

Dr Michael Aufgang 

Dr Christine Longman

Dr Wilson Chong

Dr Malcolm McRae

Dr Malcom Dobbin

Dr Ahmad Mahdi

Dr Paul Grinzi

Dr Anthony Michaelson

Dr Michael Kozminsky

Dr Robert Weiss


The RACGP Victoria Drug and Alcohol Committee provide clinical updates regularly on the management of addictions. For more information visit the RACGP Victoria D&A updates page.

GP & Psychiatry Liaison Committee


Committee members

RACGP Members

RANZCP Members

Dr James Antoniadis (Chair) 


Dr Cathy Andronis


Dr Darra Murphy



International Medical Graduate (IMG) Committee


Committee members

Dr Majid Naeem (Chair)

Dr Sugantha Jagadeesan

Dr David Carruthers

DrMadan Mariappan

Dr Palmyra De Banks

Dr Charles Tsang 

Dr Farnoush Farahani Nia



If you would like to join any of these committees please contact RACGP Victoria via:

 (03) 8699 0591