Recognition of Extended Skills

in Integrative Medicine for Fellows of the RACGP

Introduction and Overview

Integrative medicine reaffirms the importance of the relationship between practitioner and patient, focuses on the whole person and is informed by evidence. It makes use of all appropriate therapeutic and lifestyle approaches, healthcare professionals and disciplines to achieve optimal health and healing. The integrative medicine approach is holistic and considers spiritual, social and lifestyle issues, which are increasingly being recognised as important drivers of chronic disease and ill-health. It refers to integrative medicine modalities, which involves integrating complementary medicine into conventional healthcare using an evidence-based approach.

Recognition of Extended Skills in Integrative Medicine is for GPs who:

  • have clinical expertise and depth of applied knowledge and practice in Integrative Medicine
  • bridge the gap between Western and complementary healthcare
  • practice within integrative and evidence-based model of care with diverse approaches
  • who may have other specialisations such as acupuncture etc.

In your application you will need to provide:

  • a summary of your work history
  • qualifications or educational activities with copies of certificates, diplomas, degrees etc
  • a reviewing performance activity within the current triennium
  • a measuring outcomes activity within the current triennium
  • a response to a short answer question/s
  • three case studies.

Please log your reviewing performance and measuring outcomes via your myCPD dashboard. You can choose to do any activity that you think relates to the extended skills outcomes

Document your participation in any one of the following and how it relates to the achievement of the extended skills outcomes:

  • Peer group learning
  • Evidence-based medicine journal club
  • Random case analysis
  • Supervision
  • Clinical meetings
  • Other (for example: describe how you keep up to date with new research and reflect on the impact this has on your practice)


  1. Audit a number (minimum 20) of your clinical records relating to patients consulting for Integrative health consultations. You are required to measure your practice against evidence-based criteria.
  2. Design your own context specific audit. Please use the CPD guidance document and template.


  1. Outline how your practice systems monitor side effects from integrative modalities, and how these are managed if reported. Do you rely on voluntary reporting, or do you routinely ask patients about any potential adverse events? How could you implement a method to routinely monitor for adverse/side effects from integrative modalities within your practice?
  2. Or how do you initiate follow up for using integrative medicine, collecting information on patient outcomes, and how do your review it on a regular basis.
  3. Design your own context specific PDSA using the CPD guidance document and template.

Self-assessment checklist

You will complete a self-assessment checklist at the beginning of your application to rate your confidence against the extended skills outcomes.

If you choose to continue your application a fee will be payable.

If you have identified some gaps in your skills, you can discontinue the application process and come back in the future. We recommend you start a new application so that you can complete the self-assessment again.

Recognition of Extended Skills

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