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Abuse and Violence in Families

Jun 2011

Dr Wei-May Su

ADHD, ASD and Neurodiversity

Oct 2021

Assoc Prof John Kramer

Addiction Medicine

Feb 2010

Dr Hester Wilson

Aerospace Medicine

Jun 2019

Dr Brooke Ah Shay

Aged Care

Mar 2012

Dr Anthony Marinucci


Nov 2017

Dr Nicholas Cooling

Antenatal and Postnatal Care

Feb 2012

Dr Wendy Burton

Breast Medicine

May 2009

Dr Alia Kaderbhai 

Business of General Practice

Jun 2016

Dr Yee-Shing (Cathy) Kan

Cancer and Palliative Care

May 2013

Assoc Prof Joel Rhee


June 2017

Dr Atef Asham

Child and Young Person's Health

Jun 2010

Dr James Best

Climate and Environmental Medicine

Nov 2015

Dr Kate Wylie

Custodial Health

Dec 2009

Dr Tom Turnbull

Deprivation and Poverty

Nov 2022

Dr Liz Sturgiss


Jun 2016

Dr Jeremy Hudson


Aug 2011

Dr Gary Deed


Feb 2016

Adj Assoc Prof Robert Davis

Disaster Management

Jul 2012

Dr Glynn Kelly


Feb 2014

Dr Ravindranath Reddy Bathula

Hospital Medicine

Dec 2011

Dr Sue Hookey

Hyperbaric and Diving Medicine

Nov 2022

Dr Lizzie Elliott

Integrative Medicine

Feb 2009

Assoc Prof Carolyn Ee

Medical Education

Feb 2009

Dr Rebecca Stewart

Military Medicine and Veterans' Health

Feb 2010

Dr Dan Corkery

Musculoskeletal Medicine

Jun 2011

Position vacant

Obesity Management

Nov 2014

Dr Terri-Lynne South

Pain Management

Feb 2009

Dr Milana Votrubec

Psychological Medicine

June 2010

Dr Cathy Andronis

Public Health

Apr 2023 Dr Stephanie Davis

Refugee Health

Apr 2011

Dr Rebecca Farley

Respiratory Medicine

Aug 2016

Dr Kerry Hancock

Sexual Health Medicine

Jun 2014

Dr Amy Moten

Social Prescribing Feb 2022 Dr John Parikh

Sport and Exercise Medicine

Feb 2009

Dr Jennifer Graham-Taylor

Travel Medicine

Dec 2019

Prof Nicholas Zwar

Urgent and Emergency Presentations to Primary Care May 2023 Dr John Adie

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