October 2019

Chair report

Message from the RACGP SA&NT Chair, Dr Zakaria Baig

Welcome to the October edition of our newsletter.


As I am sure you are all aware by now, GP19 is just around the corner. To be held on Thursday to Saturday 24–26 October at the Adelaide Convention Centre, the conference offers that all-too-rare opportunity to come together with like-minded professionals. I am particularly excited for this year’s conference, as it will be held in our own backyard, making it easier than ever for South Australian members to attend. A variety of clinical topics will be presented during the conference by excellent speakers across various fields of medicine. You are bound to find a topic that interests you. We hope that our SA members will support GP19 in Adelaide this year and help to make it a successful event.

Fellowship exams

Congratulations to all of the candidates who were successful in the recent RACGP Key Feature Problem (KFP) exam. I wish you all the best of luck for the OSCE component.

End of 2017–19 QI&CPD triennium approaching

The Quality Improvement and Continuing Professional Development (QI&CPD) 2017–19 triennium is ending very soon. If you have requirements outstanding, there are still plenty of opportunities available. For more information, you can browse the educational activities available online on the RACGP SA&NT events webpage or contact Roberta Morris, QI&CPD Program Coordinator.
Dr Zakaria Baig

Calendar of events

RACGP SA&NT upcoming events calendar 2019

Introduction to point-of-care ultrasound Wednesday 23 October 2019 Mercure Grosvenor Hotel, Adelaide
Rural hospital clinical simulation Wednesday 23 October 2019 Adelaide Health Simulation, Adelaide
Emergency update for practice staff
(Booked out)
Tuesday 29 October 2019 College House, North Adelaide
Emergency update for practice nurses Tuesday 12 November 2019 College House, North Adelaide
Eye conditions: A closer look Saturday 16 November 2019 Hotel Grand Chancellor, Adelaide
Dermatology for GPs Saturday 16 November 2019 NT PHN, Alice Springs
Webinar: Iron deficiency management – Oral vs IV Wednesday 20 November 2019 Online
SA Members' Christmas party Friday 22 November 2019 College House, North Adelaide
Emergency medicine and resuscitation update (CPR for GPs)   (Booked out) Tuesday 26 November 2019 College House, North Adelaide
Emergency medicine and resuscitation update (CPR for GPs) Thursday 28 November 2019 NT PHN, Winnellie
Emergency medicine and resuscitation update (CPR for GPs) Tuesday 3 December 2019 College House, North Adelaide
Emergency medicine and resuscitation update (CPR for GPs) Tuesday 10 December 2019 College House, North Adelaide

Events in the spotlight

Eye conditions: A closer look

Saturday 16 November 2019

Identification and appropriate management of acute eye injuries, infection and progressive vision loss are essential skills for GPs. This workshop will cover a number of ocular conditions, including:

  • red eye
  • glaucoma
  • squints in children
  • ocular emergencies and injuries.

If you have any queries, please call Roberta Morris on 08 8267 8334 or email roberta.morris@racgp.org.au
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Webinar: Iron deficiency management – Oral vs IV

Wednesday 20 November 2019

This webinar will provide information on iron deficiency and when to administer iron infusion intravenously (IV) when oral iron preparations are ineffective or cannot be used.
If you have any queries, please call Anjelica Nowak on 08 8267 8312 or email anjelica.nowak@racgp.org.au
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SA Members' Christmas party

Friday 22 November 2019

RACGP SA&NT is delighted to invite members and their families to attend the 2019 Members’ Christmas party.
Help us celebrate the festive season and acknowledge the achievements of the past year. This event will incorporate children’s entertainment, a special appearance by Santa, music and much more. Cocktail food and beverages will be provided.
For more information, please call Elaine Dalby on 08 8267 8362 or email elaine.dalby@racgp.org.au
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Welcome new Fellows

RACGP SA&NT is pleased to congratulate the following GPs who attained RACGP Fellowship (FRACGP) in September:

  • Dr Timothy Everett
  • Dr Timothy Goh
  • Dr Lyall Henderson
  • Dr Chun-Hung Leung
  • Dr Beatriz Negrette Velasquez
  • Dr Roland Oak
  • Dr Muhammad Rahman
  • Dr Shyamal Sharma
  • Dr Hla Myint Tun
  • Dr Kathryn Van Gordon
  • Dr Bindhiya Venogopalan

RACGP SA&NT Councillor spotlight: Dr Sian Goodson

This month, we place the spotlight on Dr Sian Goodson, member of the RACGP SA&NT Council. Dr Goodson was appointed to the Council in August 2019.

She trained in general medicine and rheumatology in the United Kingdom and currently practices at Golden Grove Family Health and Paralowie Family Health, both clinics are part of the Family Health Medical Group in Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs.

Dr Goodson took the plunge to leave hospital medicine to pursue a career in general practice. She feels that ‘at a time when we have relatively low numbers applying for general practice registrar positions, we need to show junior doctors that a career in general practice is both challenging and rewarding’.

She considers herself fortunate to work alongside a great group of doctors and nurses in her practices, who share the same values and standards in primary care.

Dr Goodson says, ‘I am proud to be a member of the largest medical college in Australia and I am excited to have recently joined the RACGP SA&NT Council. I hope to help shape the direction of the RACGP, ensuring we have a strong local voice. It is great to meet with a group of experienced, committed colleagues who all want to protect the future of general practice.’

In 2018, Dr Goodson completed the RACGP Future Leaders Course (which she highly recommends) and was subsequently asked to be the Convenor for GP19 in Adelaide. A planning committee of GPs from this faculty supported her and together they have planned the clinical content for the program, including 14 clinical interactive and dynamic sessions covering a wide variety of common clinical presentations.

‘We have some great speakers and a strong focus on GP lead sessions. We are pleased with the program and hope to see many local GPs there. Adelaide is a great location and hopefully we can show our interstate colleagues why we love living here so much’ says Dr Goodson.

On behalf of RACGP SA&NT, we thank Dr Goodson for sharing her story with us.

Fellowship corner

2019.2 OSCE (enrolment period now closed)     Sunday 10 November 2019
2019.2 OSCE results release Wednesday 18 December 2019

SA&NT pre-exam courses
2019.2 simulated OSCE workshop – Darwin Saturday 12 October 2019
2019.2 OSCE tutorial series – Adelaide Monday 14 October 2019
Tuesday 15 October 2019
2020.1 AKT and KFP preparation workshop – Adelaide Saturday 30 November 2019
2020.1 AKT and KFP preparation workshop – Darwin Saturday 30 November 2019

National news

New aged care guide – Silver Book

The RACGP Silver Book Expert Advisory Group is pleased to present the new edition of the RACGP aged care clinical guide (Silver Book).

The fifth edition provides GPs with up-to-date information on the complex care of older people. The Silver Book is now published on a newly designed website and will feature three interweaving parts:

  • Part A: Common clinical conditions in aged care (available online now)
  • Part B: General approaches to aged care (early-to-mid 2020)
  • Part C: Organisational approaches to aged care (mid-to-late 2020)

The first section to be published – Part A: Common clinical conditions in aged care – is intended to be used as a point-of-care reference. It is designed to assist in clinical decision-making by presenting a snapshot view of the diagnosis and management of a range of clinical conditions.

The RACGP aged care clinical guide (Silver Book) is now available online.

RACGP eHealth webinar series

The RACGP eHealth webinar series presents monthly webinars throughout 2019 on topics pertinent to general practice. This month, the webinars are designed to assist your understanding of 'Secondary use of data in general practice'. 

These webinars are designed to provide decision-making support to assist GPs and practice teams in deciding whether it is appropriate to release de-identified healthcare data at the request of an external organisation.

In health care, the primary source of data is through clinical care delivery to patients. When this data is used outside of the general practice setting, for purposes other than which it was originally collected, it is referred to as 'secondary use of data'. Secondary use of data includes activities, such as research, quality and safety measurement, provider certification or accreditation and marketing.

Data has become a highly valued commodity and practices need to think carefully about the worth of their data and the intended purpose of the secondary use.

A number of session times are available. Visit the RACGP website to register. Webinars are accredited for two Category 2 RACGP QI&CPD points and are free of charge for all participants.

Webinar recordings are made available via the RACGP website at the conclusion of each month’s sessions.

External news

SA Health update: Typhoid in unvaccinated travellers

There have been six cases of typhoid fever and ten cases of paratyphoid fever reported in South Australia in 2019, with most requiring hospitalisation. All cases acquired their illness in Asia (predominantly India) and most were returning to visit relatives. None of the typhoid cases were vaccinated prior to travel. Oral and injectable typhoid vaccines provide moderate protection against Salmonella Typhi, with oral typhoid vaccine providing limited cross-protection against Salmonella Paratyphi.
You are encouraged to promote typhoid vaccination and other recommended travel vaccines (including measles), especially for patients intending to travel to Asia. Consider the combination hepatitis A / typhoid vaccine for people over 16 years of age who are travelling to countries with an increased risk of both diseases.
For more information on communicable diseases, visit the Communicable Disease Control Branch website or call 1300 232 272.

*Inclusion does not imply RACGP endorsement.

Significant Super SA Triple S tax-saving strategies^

Super SA Triple S is the compulsory superannuation fund for many South Australian Government employees, including health professionals. Unlike most other super funds available to the public, Super SA is constitutionally protected and, therefore, has a range of potential benefits for its members.

The major benefit is there are no restrictions on how much you can salary sacrifice each year to the fund, as long as you are not also contributing to another super fund. You can, therefore, salary sacrifice in excess of the normal $25,000 per annum limit without penalty, resulting in a significant tax advantage.

However, once you accumulate over $1.515 million in untaxed benefits (indexed each year), you are subject to a penalty tax on the excess amount of 47%. To manage the lifetime cap, members can split some of their contributions to their spouse (even if the spouse is not a Super SA member) to help equalise their balances and gain access to a second $1.515 million cap.

Furthermore, even if you reach the cap, you have the ability to contribute to a different fund within Super SA that does not penalise you for future growth; therefore, reaching the cap is no longer a bad thing as long as you know what to do next.

Super SA Triple S contributors who have excess cash flow should review their financial strategy to ensure they are taking the most advantage of this fund. There are strategies available that can save contributors tens of thousands of dollars while growing their retirement nest egg.

If you are interested in reviewing your Super SA strategy or financial position, please call Andrew Barlow on 08 8409 4333.

^Paid contribution.
*Inclusion does not imply RACGP endorsement.

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