SA&NT Council

About this Council

The role of an RACGP SA&NT Council member is to be a key representative and advisory body on matters such as continuing professional development, education, training, quality care, research, local issues affecting general practice and advocacy on behalf of general practice.

Dr Zakaria (Zak) Baig


Dr Zak Baig
Dr Zakaria (Zak) Baig was elected RACGP SA&NT Chair in October 2017. Dr Baig has been a GP in South Australia for 17 years, serving both rural as well urban communities.

Dr Baig has extensive involvement in general practice, including roles as a GP Supervisor and RACGP examiner. He also had experience as a Medical Educator for two Regional Training Organisations.

Dr Baig has been involved in the RACGP in various capacities, and has served on the RACGP SA&NT Council as Deputy Chair.

In his current job, Dr Baig has had experience in leadership roles which will transfer well in guiding the RACGP towards future advocacy and growth.

He is passionate about medical education as well as assisting International Medical Graduates (IMGs) with their professional needs.

General practice in Australia faces many challenges, and Dr Baig looks forward to working closely work with you to collectively voice our views and opinions to benefit the profession.

Dr Daniel Byrne


Dr Daniel Byrne
Dr Daniel Byrne is a GP who has practised at Happy Valley in the southern metropolitan area of Adelaide since 1995.

He is a former chair of the RACGP in South Australia and North Territory and is a QA examiner for the RACGP Fellowship exam.

He was a Medical Educator at GPEx from 2003 to 2020. He was seconded to the SA Health COVID-19 GP Liaison role in March and April 2020.

Dr Byrne also lectures in general practice at Flinders University.

Dr Emily Kirkpatrick

Deputy Chair (South Australia)

Dr Emily Kirkpatrick
Dr Emily Kirkpatrick is a GP in the city of Adelaide and works as a medical educator in registrar training at GPEx SA. Dr Kirkpatrick is currently undertaking a PhD in workplace-based assessments in Australian general practice training, whilst juggling being a mother to young children.

As a new Fellow, Dr Kirkpatrick undertook the RACGP Future Leaders program in 2019 and feels passionately about a sustainable future for primary care in Australia. She advocates for primary care research, innovation in healthcare and global primary care through WONCA and is currently a member of the RACGP SA&NT Training and Education Committee.

Dr Kirkpatrick has a special interest in skin cancer medicine and has completed a Master of Medicine (Skin Cancer) at the University of Queensland.

Dr Rachel Chen


Dr Rachel Chen
Dr Rachel Chen has been involved with the RACGP for more than a decade, holding the role of SA Assessment Panel Chair for 9 years and examiner for 13 years, as well as holding the post of Senior Associate in teaching general practice at Chandlers Hill Surgery for 18 years.

In Dr Chen's current role as State Censor she is responsible for the ongoing review and improvement of the RACGP assessment process.

She has gained extensive experience in the local vocational training program, policy making and responding to the educational needs of members.

Dr Chen is passionate about upholding the high standards of the RACGP Fellowship exam.

Dr Chen was the 2011 recipient of the McCleave/Thompson Award for service to RACGP SA&NT.

Dr Farooq Ahmad

International Medical Graduate (IMG) Representative

Dr Farooq Ahmad
Dr Farooq Ahmad is a Practice Principal at Martins Road Family Medical Practice and Madison Park Family Medical Practice.

He is a member of the RACGP SA&NT Council and the IMG Representative.

Dr Ahmad is a GP Supervisor with the Adelaide to Outback GP Training Program teaching registrars.

He also serves as a Board member on the Northern Health Network.

As the IMG Representative and a RACGP examiner, Dr Ahmad has helped many overseas trained doctors prepare for the RACGP Fellowship exam.

His skills set includes procedural work performed in Australia, South Africa and Pakistan.

Dr Ahmad received his Fellowship in 2004, and was awarded the SA&NT McCleave/Thompson Award in 2007 for his service to the RACGP. He has helped many IMG’s to attain their Fellowship.

Dr Alvin Chua

Dr Alvin Chua
Dr Alvin Chua graduated from The University of Adelaide in 1997 and has a wealth of experience in hospitals across South Australia, including Modbury Hospital and Lyell McEwin Hospital and various general practices in rural and metropolitan suburbs of Adelaide.

Dr Chua became the founder of the Health at Group in 2001, and is a Practice Principal across the three medical centres.

In 2004, Dr Chua graduated from Musculo-Skeletal Medicine at Flinders University, and continues to have an interest in musculo-skeletal medicine. Dr Chua is also a GP Supervisor through GPEx, the South Australian Training Organisation.

Outside of work Dr Chua is a car enthusiast, collecting cars and participating in sprints and tarmac rallying.

Dr Christopher Clohesy

Dr Christopher Clohesy
Dr Christopher Clohesy has had a long association with the RACGP and has been on numerous Committees. He has been an RACGP examiner, PESCI panel member and provided many educational workshops for doctors studying towards the FRACGP.

Dr Clohesy has spent a large part of his career working in South Australia and in the Northern Territory. He has worked in hospital and primary care settings across urban, rural and remote areas.

In recent years, Dr Clohesy has been living and working in remote NT communities.

Dr Clohesy was the 2010 recipient of the McCleave/Thompson Award for services to the RACGP SA&NT.

Dr Skye Curlis

Dr Skye Curlis
Dr Skye Curlis moved to the Adelaide Hills with her young family almost 3 years ago. Dr Curlis has been working in Littlehampton on a part time basis, and also does a weekly shift in Mount Barker A&E.

Since gaining her RACGP Fellowship in 2011, Dr Curlis has worked in a variety of remote and regional settings and has cared for patients from a range of cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, including a few years working in Indigenous communities on Cape York with the RFDS.

Dr Curlis loves being a GP and is passionate about her work. She is keen to further improve the health of her patients by becoming involved with the processes that shape the health system we work in. Dr Curlis has a particular interest in quality improvement in general practice which lead her to introduce a small group learning program at Littlehampton. Dr Curlis has also worked as the Interim Medical Director of Summit Health where she had a clinical governance role.

Dr Kay Flynn

New Fellows Representative

Dr Kay Flynn
Dr Kay Flynn attained her Fellowship in 2016 and is a partner at Christies Beach Medical Centre. Her major interests are child, maternal and women’s health and she is accredited for Obstetric Shared Care. Her other interests cover the broad range of general practice for all ages including chronic disease management and preventative medicine.

Dr Flynn is committed to education in general practice and supervises GPEx registrars and Flinders University third year medical students.

Dr Flynn has served on the RACGP SA&NT New Fellows Committee since 2016 and was appointed the incoming Chair from January 2020. This role will enable her to continue her passion for education by connecting Fellows in their first five years to their peers within the RACGP, creating robust support networks and providing opportunities for ongoing professional development. Dr Flynn also welcomes the opportunity to join the RACGP SA&NT Council to further this aim.

Dr Shirley Fung

Dr Shirley Fung
Dr Shirley Fung is a proud GP of a mixed-billing practice in Parkside. She has worked and trained in a range of practices, both rural and urban. She also works as the Head of Education for a corporate health care provider. As a part of this role, she oversees and delivers clinical and professional education to GP, registrars and medical students, working with a variety of stakeholders including government, colleges, regional training organisations and universities.

The other hats that she wears include:

  • Fellowship examiner for the RACGP OSCE exams
  • Appointed member of the TGA scheduling committee

Shirley is passionate about general practice and the vital role it plays in our health care system. She holds the certificate of health informatics and has a fervent interest in the way technology can enhance health care and education delivery.

Dr Sian Goodson

Dr Sian Goodson
Dr Sian Goodson is originally from the UK and moved to Adelaide with her family 7 years ago. She works as a GP in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide.

Alongside Dr Goodson’s clinical workload, her responsibilities as Medical Director for the practice include supporting GPs and nurses, teaching registrars, leading clinical meetings, recruitment and developing strategy.

Dr Goodson participated in the RACGP Future Leaders Course in 2018, which gave her the opportunity to meet inspirational GPs from across the country. She was subsequently invited to be the GP19 conference convenor and is currently working with the planning committee to produce a clinically relevant and engaging program for the event.

Dr Goodson has also coordinated teaching for medical students in primary care at the University of Bristol, UK and completed a Certificate in Postgraduate Medical Education.

Dr Goodson is delighted to be able to contribute to the RACGP SA&NT Council and advocate for the future of primary care.

Dr Khalil Ghuman

Dr Sian Goodson
Dr M.Khalil Ghuman is a graduate of the prestigious King Edward Medical College in Lahore Pakistan. He moved to Australia in 2008. He worked at the Royal Adelaide Hospital and the Canberra Hospital before starting general practice in 2011. He has been a Fellow with the RACGP since 2014.

Dr Ghuman has served as the Vice President of the Pakistani Medical Association of South Australia and is currently the Practice Principal at the Premium Medical Practice. He is an RACGP examiner, PESCI panel member and provided many educational workshops for doctors studying towards the FRACGP and the AMC Clinical Exam.

Dr Ghuman is a GP Supervisor with the GPEX Training Program and maintains a strong presence to advocate for GP registrars and ensure high quality education and training.

Dr Jaiveer Krishnan

Dr Jaiveer Krishnan
Dr Jaiveer Krishnan is a practicing Fellow at Europa Medical Centre in Salisbury Downs, North of Adelaide.

In 2006 Dr Krishnan obtained his membership with The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) in the UK, and enjoyed his experience as a GP Supervisor, training several registrars.

He was also an appraiser, assisting members to identify their learning needs and plan their Personal Development Planning (PDP).

Dr Krishnan moved to Australia in 2014 as a Fellow of the RACGP, and has been an examiner for the Fellowship examinations since November 2016.

He has continued his love of teaching in Adelaide, and was appointed to the RACGP SA&NT New Fellows Committee in July 2018.

Dr Krishnan strongly believes in the community receiving high standards of patient centred care.

He believes this could be achieved by improving the standards of teaching to GP registrars, enhanced communication between service providers and QI&CPD to all practicing GPs.

Dr David Lam

Dr David Lam
Dr David Lam is a rural GP based in Port Lincoln and the 2019 RACGP National General Practitioner of the Year. He has a keen interest in rural practice and medical education and is the Rural Medicine Coordinator at the University of Adelaide School of Medicine. In this role, he delivers weekly teaching to all University of Adelaide medical students based in rural South Australia.

Dr Lam is the creator of the “GP Lyf Hacks” podcast for GPs in Training and a medical educator at GPEx. For his commitment to training doctors, he was awarded the Derek Frewin Citation for Clinical Teaching and the Best Rural Teacher Award at the University of Adelaide School of Medicine.

David is also a touring guitarist and DJ.

Dr Robert Menz

Dr Robert Menz
Dr Robert Menz has been an RACGP Fellow for over 30 years and has worked as a GP in inner suburban Adelaide since 1980. He founded a four doctor practice in 1990, which has grown to now have 19 GPs, 6 specialists, and several allied health providers over 2 sites. The practice also hosts GP registrars and medical students.

Dr Menz has been an examiner for the RACGP for more than 30 years, of which 17 years as Quality Assurance Examiner. He is also currently a member of the RACGP IMG Committee and undertakes PESCI interviews.

Dr Menz has held a variety of leadership and other roles within the profession including: Censor for RACGP SA&NT from 1997-2003; Member AMA (SA) Council and Chair AMACGP in 1991-2; nominee of the RACGP Censor-in-Chief on the Board of AGPAL 2000 – 2006, and AGPAL surveyor since 2009; Senior Medical Advisor for Department of Human Services (DHS), 2001-2014; and a medical writer and editorial committee member on RACGP Curriculum Renewal project.

He completed a Masters of Clinical Education in 2013 and currently teaches general practice to Flinders University 2nd and 3rd year medical students.

When not working, Robert enjoys bush walking, skiing and travel, in particular to keep up with 3 of his 4 adult children who are studying interstate.

Dr Natalie Payne

Dr Natalie Payne
Dr Natalie Payne is a fellowed GP working in Tanunda, who completed training through Sturt Fleurieu in early 2015. During training, Dr Payne served as the Registrar Liaison officer for 12 months and was involved in examination preparation for other registrars.

She was appointed as the RACGP South Australian Deputy Chair from 2017 - 2018. Dr Payne also holds the position of RACGP SA&NT New Fellows Committee Chair.

Dr Payne passionately believes that strong primary healthcare is the key to managing the funding of our health system and maintaining and improving the health of our communities. She wants to work towards keeping our robust, sustainable, network of general practice within Australia. Dr Payne feels it is very important that we, as clinicians, continue to have a loud voice in training future GPs, and advocating for our profession and intends to do this to the best of her ability on the RACGP SA&NT Council.

Dr Catherine Pendrey

Dr Catherine Pendrey
Dr Catherine Pendrey works as a general practitioner in remote regions of the Northern Territory (NT) and serves as the NT Representative to the National Faculty of General Practitioners in Training.

She also sits on the SA&NT New Fellows Committee. Dr Pendrey obtained her Fellowship in 2019, completed a FARGP in 2020 and has recently begun work as a medical educator. She is interested in addressing health inequities, clinician wellbeing and improving quality and safety in medical training and practice.

In 2020, she completed the RACGP Future Leaders Program and has held various leadership positions, serving on NGO boards, representing Doctors-in-Training, and regularly participating in Australian Medical Council accreditation reviews. She also has strong interests in Planetary and Indigenous Health.

Dr Caroline Phegan

Dr Caroline Phegan
Dr Caroline Phegan, a fellowed GP since 2007, is a passionate advocate for general practice. She has extensive urban and rural experience and is an RACGP examiner, Viva examiner and facilitator for RACGP education events.

Caroline is the clinical lead of the Statewide Urgent Care Clinical Network for the Commissioner in Excellence and Innovation in Health, a GP Consultant at Noarlunga Emergency Department, the Deputy Chair of the SA MET Accreditation Committee and works in private general practice demonstrating her commitment to the delivery of primary care services in South Australia. Caroline has also held positions as a Panel Expert for MIGA, Medical Advisor for the Department of Human Services Professional Review Program (Medicare Australia), Senior Doctor and Senior Medical Advisor for MediBank Health Solutions and Clinical Skills Lecturer for Flinders University.

Professor Nigel Stocks

Professor Nigel Stocks
Professor Nigel Stocks is currently a practicing Fellow in Aldgate in the Adelaide Hills, and is also Professor and Head of the Discipline of General Practice at the University of Adelaide and Director of the Australian Sentinel Practices Research Network (ASPREN), a Commonwealth funded network of almost 200 GPs around Australia that provides data for influenza surveillance and collects morbidity data for general practice research.

Professor Stocks was trained in Adelaide, but worked for several years as a GP in the United Kingdom.

He was appointed Provost of the RACGP SA&NT in 2015, and was re-elected to this position for another term.

Professor Stocks also held the position as SA&NT Chair from 2009 - 2014, and has been a member of the RACGP since 1990.

He is currently a member of the RACGP Membership Advisory Committee, RACGP Foundation Committee, a member of the AFP’s Editorial Board and Chair of the RACGP Awards Committee. He also served on the RACGP National Standing Committee – Research until 2008 and his research interests include cardiovascular, respiratory and mental health. 

Professor Stocks has also held multiple roles which have contributed to changes in policy and practice in Australian general practice, including Director on the Adelaide to Outback Board, Director on the Board for Australian Medicines Handbook and Fellow of the Australian Faculty of Public Health Medicine.

Dr Geeta Trehan

Dr Geeta Trehan
Dr Geeta Trehan migrated to Australia as a GP in 2004 and has worked both in the remote (Coober Pedy) rural (Riverland) and metropolitan areas during her tenure. Dr Trehan spent a memorable 2 years at Coober Pedy and absolutely loved the challenges of working in the outback with its scanty resources and peculiar problems.

Dr Trehan also worked at Renmark before moving down to Adelaide where she has been working in a busy general practice in the north eastern suburbs. She enjoyed the country but had to move to the city for better educational facilities for her sons who were in high school by then.

Dr Trehan loves the challenges of general practice with its vastness. Learning is a passionand her aim when she goes to work each day is to try to make a difference to at least one person’s life and to learn something new every day. Both these objectives are surprisingly easy for Dr Trehan when you work as a GP.

Dr Trehan was involved as a medical educator with Adelaide to Outback and has been actively involved in conducting workshops, medical educator visits, clinical rating and one on one coaching for international medical graduates working towards a specialisation in general practice.

Dr Trehan is the current Chair of the RACGP SA&NT Education and Training Committee.

Jasmyn Lloyd

Medical Student Representative

Jasmyn Lloyd
Jasmyn Lloyd is a second year medical student at the University of Adelaide. She is currently the Treasurer of the Adelaide University Rural Health Alliance and a member of the Academic Sub-committee for the AMSA 2021 Convention in Adelaide. Throughout her first year of medical school, she completed a Royal Flying Doctors Ride Along, Day in the Life of a Rural GP and organised a Teddy Bear Hospital, teaching young children in rural areas about their health. She is also commencing her John Flynn Placement in rural South Australia this year.

Growing up in small towns such as Roxby Downs and Old Calperum has taught her to appreciate rural GPs. She is hoping to advocate for medical students and grow other medical students’ passion for general practise like hers.


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