Rural Hospital Clinical Simulation

Designed and facilitated by experienced GPs

The Rural Hospital Clinical Simulation (RHCS) aims to enhance rural emergency medicine skills using hands-on simulated scenarios that reflect the challenges faced when living and working in rural and remote communities.

The workshop involves seven small-group interactive simulations. There is a strong emphasis on common rural emergency medicine situations and the coordination and communication with other healthcare professionals. Participants will also develop strategies for self-care, stress management and debriefing in the workshop. All the scenarios to be included in the workshop are written by experienced rural GPs from actual cases.

Why attend?

By the end of this activity, participants will be able to:

  • Lead a team (medical, nursing and allied health) in response to emergency situations using available resources
  • Participate as a member of the medical team responding to emergency medicine situations
  • Recognise the multiple factors, which influence a patient’s decision to seek health care and comply with medical advice in rural and remote communities
  • Critique and reflect on actions and responses to emergency situations, participate in, and lead a debriefing and feedback session
  • Share self-care practices and stress management techniques suitable for medical and other health professionals.

The workshop is accredited for 40 Category 1 QI&CPD points. It is also pre-approved for a 1-day Rural Procedural Grant in Emergency Medicine, Anaesthesia, or Obstetric components.

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“I really loved learning from my colleagues who had the hospital experience and the rural experience of dealing with emergencies. All the facilitators and the students were fabulous in making the learning non-threatening and informative and ensure we learnt something new.” – 2018 attendee

“This day contained an absolutely excellent collection of scenarios with excellent facilitators and seemed to me to be wonderful for helping learning and confidence for rural scenarios.” – 2018 attendee

“It was absolutely fantastic! The best one day course I have ever done.” – 2017 attendee 

“Excellent non-judgmental and empowering atmosphere through-out the various scenarios. Very pertinent to what I do nowadays. Well worthwhile, thank you.” – 2017 attendee

“Very fun and engaging. Improved my confidence in leading a team in a critical scenario. Would definitely attend again.” – 2017 attendee

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