James Walker

South Australia representative, RACGP Rural Council

Dr James Walker
Dr James Walker is a rural GP working in the Mid North of South Australia.

He moved to Jamestown in 2014 with his wife (also a GP) and their three young children.

He enjoys playing piano, gardening, running and red wine.


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I am a partner of Goyder’s Line Medical. We are a group practice in the Mid North of South Australia and are responsible for the medical care of three small towns, namely, Jamestown, Peterborough and Orroroo. We run the local medical clinics as well as 24/7 running of the local hospitals.

We are a teaching practice with an intern, up to 3 GP registrars and 3-4 medical students at a time.

I enjoy learning and teaching and am also fortunate to me employed as a Medical Educator by GPEx, South Australia’s GP training organisation.

I am part of the council of my local PHN (Mid North Local Health Cluster).

I am also working on my Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP) and hope to complete this in 2020.

I love the variety and the relationships. My days are fascinating and varied. I enjoy the consulting but also thrive on the procedural side, the emergencies, inpatient work and teaching.

My wife and I decided that some time in the country would be good for our kids. We came to Jamestown in 2014 and haven’t left. Being a GP in a small country town is probably the best job in the world.

I like the time pressure, chaos and uncertainty. Knowing that you have a full day of patients ahead but in between that you need to see and manage your inpatients, find time to teach, deal with emergencies and try and keep it all together. No day ever turns out as planned.

It is the little things. A thank you from a patient you were able to help. Seeing a medical student really gain confidence and skills.

I think I get a broad overview of where rural general practice is at in South Australia. I am involved with teaching medical students, interns and registrars. In my medical educator role I get broad exposure to the registrar environment and the stresses and challenges there. As a practicing GP and partner in a small town I am at the coal face in terms of rural GP but also as a business owner I get a whole new perspective on the challenges we face. On the council I can represent the current state of rural GP in South Australia. When issues arise my perspective will be honest and considered. I have a strong interest in ensuring the rural generalist pathway works for South Australia.


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