Dr Skye Curlis

South Australia representative, RACGP Rural Council

Dr Skye Curlis
I have been working as a GP for just over 10 years after gaining my RACGP fellowship in 2011. I have worked in a variety of remote and regional settings and have cared for a diverse range of patients, including a few years working in Indigenous communities on Cape York with the RFDS. I moved to the Adelaide Hills with my young family almost 5 years ago. I have been working in Littlehampton on a part time basis and do a weekly shift in Mount Barker A&E. I have decided to undertake my Rural Generalist training and am set to do my AST in Emergency Medicine next year. I love being a GP and am passionate about my work. I am keen to further improve the health of my patients by becoming involved with the processes that shape the health system we work in, hence my involvement with the RACGP SA & NT Council and more recently with the Rural Council. I have a particular interest in quality improvement in General Practice which lead me to introduce a Small Group Learning program at Littlehampton. I have also worked as the Medical Director of Summit Health where I had a clinical governance role.  

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I live in the Adelaide Hills with my husband and two primary school aged sons. I work between a General Practice in Littlehampton (MM 3) and the A&E Department of our local hospital. I have worked in a variety of settings, including some of the most remote areas in Australia, and love working in the bush. I am about to commence my AST in Emergency medicine with plans of working my way around this vast land with my family in tow. In my spare time I love to trail run, read and cook up a storm.

I am interested in all medical specialities and a generalist in the true sense of the word so General Practice suited me the best. I love the fact that each day is different and I am always being challenged. I also love the longitudinal nature of the relationships we have with our patients.

The adventure and challenges of rural medicine. But also the lifestyle that it offers my family. We live in a beautiful part of the world!

The challenges associated with being a generalist – trying to stay on top of all facets of medicine and maintain skills. I also enjoy being part of a vibrant and supportive community.

Delivering my first remote baby. I was working in an aboriginal community on Cape York and a woman presented in active labour telling me she was roughly 26 weeks pregnant. After the initial panic wore off, we settled into the task at hand and delivered a very healthy 3.7kg (full term) baby!

To contribute to the effort to raise the profile of rural medicine and encourage sustainable growth in our medical work force. To advocate for our rural work force and ensure they have support to do their job well and be recognised/remunerated appropriately.


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