Dr Lizzi Shires

Tasmania representative, RACGP Rural Council

Dr Lizzi Shires
Dr Lizzi Shires has worked as a GP in Ulverstone on the North West Coast of Tasmania for 15 years, prior to this she was a rural GP in the UK. She currently works as Director of the Rural Clinical School for the University of Tasmania. Like most rural areas they face workforce shortages and have developed assorted programmes to try and address this by recruiting and training more students in rural areas.

The Rural Clinical school develops rural pathways into medicine for young people from rural areas and provides rural education and training for students attending UTAS. Senior medical students can spend one or two years on the coast and we work closely with the health service and local practices to provide postgraduate training locally.

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I trained in the UK and came to Tasmania 15 years ago and stayed. I love living on the North West coast with its pristine beaches, beautiful country side and interesting medicine.

I am passionate about health promotion, tackling disadvantage and supporting people with chronic diseases.

I have always lived and worked rurally, I love working in small towns where you know your community well.

Working with people.

Support rural GPs and help develop the next generation of rural GPs.


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