Queensland Council

About this council

The RACGP Queensland Faculty Council is the elected advisory body to inform the RACGP Board and to represent the interests of college members in Queensland.

The RACGP Queensland Faculty Council comprises dedicated and committed professionals who contribute to college activities, policy and advocate on behalf of the profession. The Queensland Council is the key representative and advisory body on local issues affecting general practitioners and the general practice profession in Queensland.

The Queensland Council meetings every other month and can be contacted via the Faculty Office on (07) 3456 8944 or qld@racgp.org.au

Office bearers


Dr Bruce Willett

Chair and RACGP Vice-President

Dr Eleanor Chew


Dr Cathryn Hester

Deputy Chair

Assoc. Prof. Brad Murphy

Deputy Chair

Dr Nick Hummel


General members

Dr Tony Bayliss  (Chair, QLD Business of General Practice Committee)

Dr Noela Whitby

Dr Lisa Fraser

Dr Michael Clements  (RACGP Board Member and Chair RACGP Rural)

Dr Abby Harwood

Dr Paul Neeskens  (Chair, QLD Education Committee)

Dr Nicole Higgins

Dr Jessica Madsen (Chair, QLD New Fellows Committee)

Prof. Claire Jackson

Assoc. Prof. Jane Smith (Chair, QLD Research Support Committee)

Dr Savita Kaila

Dr Konrad Kangru (QLD Representative on RACGP Rural Council) 

Dr Christopher Pitt

Dr Prasad Kumar (QLD Representative on RACGP GPiT Council)

Dr Rod Willett

Dr Bruce Maybloom (QLD PEP Pathway Representative)


(07) 3456 8944