GP alerts and media releases

General practice health alerts

These alerts reflect the latest advice from the NSW Ministry of Health, concerning infectious diseases or other health issues relevant to general practice.

April 2019

Measles update
Since December 2018 there have been a number of infectious cases of Measles in NSW. GPs can help prevent further spread by identifying and isolating cases, and vaccinating appropriately.

January 2019

Infectious syphilis alert
There has been a large syphilis outbreak among Aboriginal people in Qld, NT, WA and SA that could spread to NSW. Screening in general practice can help prevent further infection.

January 2019

Changes regarding urgent use medications at NSW residential care facilities
NSW residential care may now hold stock of certain Schedule 2, 3, 4 and 8 medications for urgent use.

February 2018

Increased listeriosis risk
NSW Health and the NSW Food authority have warned high risk groups to be wary of foods that cause listeriosis after a sudden increase in cases across NSW this year.

December 2017

Watch out for Salmonella poisoning as temperatures rise
(11 December 2017) – NSW Health is warning people to be wary of Salmonella poisoning as summer temperatures rise, with 201 cases already reported across the state last month

October 2017

Hepatitis A warning issued for diners at Sokyo restaurant in Sydney
GPs should be aware of Hepatitis A transmission risk for patients who visited the Sokyo restaurant at The Star in Sydney on dates between 20 September and 8 October.

August 2017

Sydney Air Pollution Health Alert
Hazard reduction burns may impact patients with respiratory conditions.

Health Alert: warning on viral gastroenteritis
(3 August 2017) – There has been a 34% increase in emergency department presentations of gastroenteritis this week when compared to the same period in 2016.

Protect the elderly as flu cases rise
(1 August 2017) – Free flu vaccinations can help stem the spike in outbreaks from aged care facilities.

July 2017

Measles Alert: NSW Health urges awareness after Sydney case
(20 July 2017) – Vaccination against measles, and awareness of measles outbreaks and exposure sites is vital to preventing the spread of measles.

(This list reflects the last few months of health alerts. See earlier health alerts.)

Media releases

These media releases reflect the NSW Ministry of Health’s priorities, current messages and program announcements that can assist general practitioners.

NSW Health encourages mothers to take iodine for baby brain development (15 August 2017)
Legionnaires’ disease regulation report released (20 July 2017)
Free Winter flu jabs nothing to sneeze at (25 May 2017)
Family initiatives to stop the obesity cycle (15 May 2017)
Home visiting program sustains NSW families (26 April 2017)

This list reflects the last few months of media releases relevant specifically to GPs. See the full list of 2017 Media releases.


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