About the Faculty

Aims of the National Faculty for GPs in Training

The RACGP National Faculty for GPs in Training was established in 2019 in order to increase the GP in Training voice within the RACGP.

It ensures that there is appropriate representation of GPs in training in education and training governance. 

It facilitates appropriate consultation with GPs in training about the policies and decisions that affect our training and our future.

It ensures that we have strong representation in all facets of our College.

Additionally the GPs in Training Faculty aims to support members through tailored resources and events relevant to this stage of the career.

Faculty Council

The Faculty is governed by a Faculty Council. In 2019, when the Faculty was formed, what was previously known as the Registrar Membership Advisory Committee transitioned over to become the inaugural National Faculty for GPs in Training Council. This consisted of state-based representation with a representative from each of the RACGP State Faculties. At the first meeting of the Council in January 2020 it was decided to expand representation to help increase the voice of other trainee groups within the RACGP. Some of these positions have been taken up in an observer role until official nominations and elections in 2020.

The Council make up includes:

  • Faculty Chair
  • A representative from each state and territory
  • PEP representative
  • RVTS representative
  • Rural representative
  • Academic pathway representative
  • ADF representative
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative
  • Pre-vocational doctor representative

All positions on Council are two year terms. Positions that will be due for nomination and election in 2020 include Victorian and Northern Territory representatives as well as PEP, RVTS, rural, academic pathway, ADF, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander and pre-vocational doctor representatives. The remaining positions will be due for nomination and election in 2021. You can find out information on the RACGP Election policy and the Faculty Regulations.