Faculty electoral systems

Current electoral systems

Each Faculty has a capped number of elected Council members. Depending on the Faculty’s designation, elections are either:

  • Faculty Wide Elections,
  • Regional Representation Elections, or
  • a hybrid of both.

Faculty Wide Elections operate within the entirety of the Faculty, where Council member positions (also known as ‘general members’) are elected from across the Faculty (the ‘Senate’ model).

Regional Representation Elections operate within designated regional electorates, and Council member positions are elected per electorate (the “House of Representatives’ model). Faculty electorate boundaries may reflect the old Medicare Local or Commonwealth electorate boundaries, whereas RACGP Rural for example, uses the state/territory Faculty borders as boundaries. The relevant electorate for voting members is determined by the preferred address held on the RACGP database.

The current electoral systems for each faculty are presented in the below table.

RACGP Faculty

Electoral Systems


Regional Representation Election (based on the former Medicare Local boundaries)


Regional Representation Election (based on state/territory borders)

RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Regional Representation Election (based on state/territory borders)

RACGP Tasmania

Regional Representation Elections (based on Commonwealth electorate boundaries)

RACGP Victoria

Faculty Wide Election


Faculty Wide Election

RACGP Queensland

Faculty Wide Election

RACGP Western Australia

Faculty Wide Election


For further information or queries, please contact your Faculty.