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General practice offers person-centred healthcare, based on a foundation of trust between patients and their chosen GP.

Working in general practice

Whether it be to help ‘close the gap’, to travel, or to explore a new and exciting vocation, many of our members report that the diversity of general practice provides a unique, challenging and rewarding workplace, one where they can make a real difference in the lives of their patients and communities.
Working in general practice is different to working in a hospital and also different to working in many other specialties. Working in the community, GPs often see a patient in the early stages of an illness when the problem is undifferentiated. Not knowing what the next patient might present with and dealing with undifferentiated problems is challenging – but is also one of the most rewarding aspects of general practice. GPs also manage an enormous variety of different problems and conditions, requiring a broad span of knowledge so you’ll never get bored – no two days or patient presentations are the same.

Being based in the community, the access to services and investigations can be different to that of a hospital. GPs get to know what is available and how to support their patients to access help; this requires knowledge of the individual patient, their circumstances and their community.

Celebrating new Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Fellows

Listen to Dr Jacinta Power and Dr Laura Fitzgerald as they share their experiences of general practice training and why they chose a career in general practice.


Dr Jeanette Wimbus, New Fellow 2020

Dr Jeanette Wimbus

'I chose AGPT with the RACGP because …‘I heard great things about it and the great curriculum. The RACGP has such great support, resources, reputation and an overall a great training program. The examinations and curriculum were also in a familiar setting and complementary to what I have done through medical school.

The RACGP supported me during my training through multiple resources and avenues. The main support that really helped was the RACGP Yagila Wadamba. This program was well organised, informative and supportive, which was provided to Indigenous RACGP registrars based around exam preparation and general practice.

It is hard to say what I have enjoyed the most about registrar training as it has been so great. I would have to say definitely working with Associate Professor Dr Bradley Murphy. He is an amazing Aboriginal doctor and mentor.

As an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander doctor, this has been such a rewarding and blessed experience. My other joy would be caring for my community and my mob.’ - Dr Jeanette Wimbus, New Fellow 2020

How do I apply for general practice training 

The Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program is the leading program for medical graduates wishing to pursue a career as a GP.  You can find more information on the AGPT Program and how to apply on the AGPT Program page.
Improving the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is one of Australia’s highest health priorities.  The RACGP is extremely proud to acknowledge our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GP members working from the city to the outback and we honour our Indigenous Fellows with a unique sash to wear with their ceremonial Fellowship gown.