2024 President election

2024 President election

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Last updated 12 June 2024

The role of the President – what’s involved

The President role is an elected office under the terms of the RACGP Constitution and represents the RACGP. The President is also appointed as a Board director and has legal and common law responsibilities and duties. The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring the RACGP fulfils its charitable purpose, objectives and meets all the legal responsibilities consistent with ‘best practice’ corporate governance. In performing its role, the Board aspires to excellence in governance. The Board’s role is one of stewardship on behalf of the RACGP’s members and other stakeholders to ensure that the RACGP remains sustainable and has a long-term future. 

Key responsibilities of the President include:

  • Act as the key public figure for the RACGP.
  • Be the voice of the College to members and the public.
  • Be the spokesperson for RACGP policy as set by the Board.
  • Represent the RACGP to external stakeholders in accordance with the RACGP Spokesperson policy, including Ministers and their staff, local and international medical colleges.
  • Ensure that representation is based on College policy, the Board’s consensus and is aligned to the objectives of the Constitution and the RACGP’s purpose and strategy.
  • Advocate for general practice quality, standards and training and the importance of the profession to meeting the RACGP’s charitable outcomes.

RACGP past-president reflections

There have been 32 past-presidents of the RACGP to date. Some of these past leaders reflected on their president journey for the RACGP’s 65th anniversary in 2023.

Read their reflections

Interested in knowing more?

Download the President Position Description.

Interested in knowing more?

Download the President Position Description.

Are you considering putting in a nomination to be the next RACGP President?

Hear from Dr Nicole Higgins, RACGP President, Dr Lara Roeske, Board Chair and Georgina van de Water, Chief Executive Officer. They’ll take you through the requirements of the election nomination process, campaigning period and voting process, as well as providing an insight into the day-to-day reality of life as the RACGP President.


Watch the webinar recording

Elections timetable

Activity Open Close
Nominations open Monday 24 June 2024, 12.00pm AEST Sunday 21 July 2024, 4.00pm AEST
Candidates announced Thursday 25 July 2024  
Candidate campaigning period Thursday 25 July 2024, 12.00pm AEST Thursday 22 August 2024, 12.00pm AEST
Presidential voting period Monday 12 August 2024, 12:00pm AEST Thursday 22 August 2024, 12:00pm AEST
Presidential candidate member webinar Wednesday 14 August 2024, 7.30pm AEST  
President-elect announced Friday 23 August 2024  

Important documents

Details of the role of the President are outlined under ‘the role of the President – what’s involved’ at the top of the page and detailed requirements are also contained in the President position description.

Only current Fellows of the RACGP can be nominated for the President position.

RACGP Fellows and Members can support nominations for the President.  

Nominations must have two (2) eligible supporters listed when submitting their nomination for it to be valid.

Candidates must complete a President nomination form, signed by two eligible members, and countersigned by the nominee.
Specific additional nomination requirements

Supporting candidate materials
Candidates may supply the following materials in support of their nomination (materials must be provided before the nomination closing date in order to be accepted):
  • for distribution with ballot materials and placement on the RACGP website, a statement not exceeding 2000 words and a colour photograph of yourself (min 600x600 pixel jpg)
  • for placement on the RACGP website, a curriculum vitae* of no more than 2000 words and a video not more than five minutes in duration (including transcript).

*Curriculum vitaes supplied by the candidate must not contain the candidates home address.
Nominations and supporting candidate materials must be lodged with the Returning Officer before Sunday 21 July 2024, 4.00pm AEST by either email or mail.
No nominations or supporting material can be accepted after the closure time.
Email to: elections@racgp.org.au
Mail to: Mr Gavin Ryan
OGL Group
10–12 Gwynne Street, Cremorne, VIC, 3121

Eligible voters are Fellows, Members and Registrar Associates of the RACGP.
The voting period for the RACGP President election is from Monday 12 August 2024, 12.00pm AEST until Thursday 22 August 2024, 12.00pm AEST. 
Eligible voters will receive an email from our Returning Officers at OGL Group from the email address elections@racgp.org.au. The email will contain your unique voting link to submit your vote via the BigPulse online voting platform. You may receive periodic reminder emails from the Returning Officers during the voting period if you have not submitted a vote in the election.
Any questions about the voting process can be directed to the Returning Officers at elections@racgp.org.au.

All ballots are to be determined on a standard preferential voting basis.
For elections for only one Candidate, if no Candidate has the absolute majority of total votes cast in their ballot each successive Candidate who has received the fewest votes is excluded, and each Ballot attributed to that Candidate is assigned to the Candidate next in order of that Ballot form’s preference. This process is repeated until one Candidate has the absolute majority of votes. That Candidate is declared elected.
For elections of more than one Candidate, standard preferential voting is applied until the requisite number of candidates are determined, at which point those Candidates are elected.
If at any round of exclusion, the indicated preference is for a previously excluded Candidate, that preference is disregarded, and the vote distributed to the next available preference.
In the case of two are more candidates receiving an equal number of votes, the Candidate who had the higher standing in the previous round of the voting count will prevail, but if the quality exists in the previous round, the Returning Officer may decide by random lot which Candidate prevails.
OGL Group have been appointed as the Returning Officers for the RACGP elections in 2024.
The Returning Officer is responsible for the administration of all Ballots and the integrity of the process. The Returning Officer must work with the RACGP to ensure the integrity, accuracy, and transparency of the election process.
The RACGP is responsible for ensuring the Returning Officer’s powers and duties are clear, understood, and sufficient to administer all relevant aspects of the elections.  
The Presidential election campaign period can be an extremely stressful time for candidates. RACGP members have access to an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) through Telus Health (formerly LifeWorks) as part of their member benefits. Telus Health can be reached 24/7 on 1300 361 008 as required by candidates.
Any contact with the EAP service is dealt with under the strictest confidence by Telus Health.

Do you have any questions?

We’re here to help, please contact us at elections@racgp.org.au or on 1800 472 247 with any questions.