Council Election 2018

The RACGP Council Council Election 2018

Election outcome

Voting for the RACGP President-elect closed on Monday 2 July at 5.00pm AEST.

No voting required

Only one nomination was received for the Censor-in-Chief position. No voting is required.

In accordance with the RACGP Constitution and RACGP Election Policy, the nominee is appointed as the new Censor-in-Chief.

Meet the new President-elect

Dr Harry Nespolon statement

Dr Harry Nespolon CV

The RACGP is pleased to introduce Dr Harry Nespolon, who has been appointed as the President-elect of the RACGP for the 61st Council.

Dr Harry Nespolon appointment as the RACGP’s President will take effect from the close of the RACGP Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11 October 2018.

Dr Harry Nespolon has more than 20 years’ experience in general medical practice.  He has been the principal of two general practices in the centre of the city of Sydney and the lower north shore for more than 14 years.  Before moving to Sydney he worked in general practice in Adelaide and Canberra.

Harry is an experienced Chair and company director. He was the Chair of GP Synergy, and successfully led the company becoming the largest GP training provider in Australia. He is the Chair of Sydney North Health Network, a primary health network. He has been Chair of a number of organisations including a Division of General Practice and Medicare Local. He has also been a director of Therapeutic Guidelines, a for-profit organisation. Harry holds a Fellowship of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (FAICD).

Harry is sought out to provide advice on many aspects of healthcare, including general practice and broader policy issues. He writes extensive expert reports for medico-legal proceedings. He is a long-serving member of several disciplinary committees, including Medicine’s Australia Code of Conduct committee and the Dietician’s Australia. He holds law and economics degrees and completed his Masters of Health Law (MHL) from Sydney University in 2015.

Once having completed his Masters of Business Administration (MBA) at the Australian Graduate School of Management he worked as a management consultant. Prior to this, he worked as a senior member of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) in the federal office, where he was able to influence several major government programs.

The primary role of the President is to foster collaboration between RACGP members, industry and government stakeholders, in the RACGP’s best interests.

The President is the RACGP’s spokesperson and along with all Councillors works to ensure the RACGP’s objectives, views and interests are advanced.

The President is required to attend functions, conferences and meetings, and contribute to correspondence and media relations as the RACGP’s public presence. The President is required to develop policy and relationships at the highest levels of Government.

Frequent interstate and overseas travel is required, as well as attendance at Council meetings.

The RACGP elections are governed by the RACGP's Constitution and the RACGP Election Policy. The elected President, Censor-in-Chief and Registrar Representative must comply with these and with the RACGP Member Code of Conduct and the RACGP Social Media and RACGP Spokespersons Policy.

The RACGP adopted an electronic voting facility independently managed by its Returning Officer, the Australian Election Company the declaration of the Presidential result can be found here.

Voting for the RACGP Registrar Representative-elect closed on Thursday 19 July at 5.00pm AEST.

Meet the new RACGP Registrar Representative-elect

Dr Krystyna de Lange statement

Dr Krystyna de Lange CV

Dr Krystyna de Lange is a recent RACGP Fellow working in a small, GP owned, metropolitan practice in Brisbane, Queensland. Krystyna has taken an active role within the Registrar advocacy space being the Registrar Liaison Officer for General Practice Training Queensland (GPTQ) since 2016. Through this role she has also been a member of the General Practice Registrars Australia Advisory Council. Krystyna has an interest in education and during her training was also a Registrar Medical Educator for GPTQ.

The Registrar Representative on Council is responsible for representing the interests of Registrars and provides advice to Council on matters relating to Registrars and general practice training.

During the term of office of Registrar Representative on Council, attendance is required at RACGP Council meetings.

The RACGP adopted an electronic voting facility to be managed by the Australian Election Company, the declaration of the Registrar Representative result can be found here.


Meet the new Censor-in-Chief

Dr Kaye Atkinson statement

Dr Kaye Atkinson CV

The RACGP congratulates Dr Kaye Atkinson, who is elected as the incoming RACGP Censor-in-Chief, and looks forward to working together for the next two years.

Dr Atkinson’s appointment as Censor-in-Chief will take effect from the close of the RACGP Annual General Meeting on Thursday 11 October 2018.

Dr Kaye Atkinson is the RACGP Victoria Censor and current Chair of the RACGP Expert Committee -Education Pre Fellowship. Kaye has been Victoria Censor for the last six years. She is a member of the Victorian Faculty Board, Rural Faculty, Board of Censors, Board of Assessment and Faculty of Specific Interests.

Kaye has extensive experience in medical education and has worked in key areas of assessment, education resource development, curriculum design, and education policy development and education delivery. She started out as a GP Supervisor in 1989 and has worked closely with RACGP and Regional Training Organisations and education providers in Victoria, Western Australia and South Australia to enhance general practice training and provide training for international medical graduates preparing for a career in general practice in Australia.

Kaye has continued to work clinically as a general practitioner, initially in rural Victoria and now in metropolitan Melbourne. She has been an examiner since 1999 and always enjoys the opportunity to network and work closely with the dedicated examiners and College personnel who ensure that the examinations are delivered to the highest standards possible.

Kaye is committed to maintaining the Fellowship standards of RACGP and working with the RACGP Censors, Board of Assessment and RACGP Council to further the goals of RACGP and General Practice. She feels privileged to be a general practitioner and will continue to work hard to ensure that quality education and training is available for doctors interested in a career in General Practice.

The primary role of the Censor-in-Chief is to chair the Board of Censors and Board of Assessment, and lead the continual review of RACGP examinations’ content and structure. The Censor-in-Chief is involved in the review and appeal processes of candidates for post assessment and in reviewing the applications for special consideration in the RACGP assessment processes. The Censor-in-Chief is required to review and ratify the examination results, and facilitate feedback to candidates through the State Censors.

The Censor-in-Chief provides academic leadership to the assessment area, and strategic and policy advice to Council on assessment, certification and recertification issues.

Frequent interstate and overseas travel is required, as well as attendance at Council meetings.

The Censor-in-Chief is an RACGP director.



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