Rose-Hunt Award

About the Rose-Hunt Award

The Rose-Hunt Award is a gift from the Royal College of General Practitioners (UK) to the RACGP and is the highest accolade awarded by the RACGP.

The Royal College of General Practitioners, through its President Dr GI Watson, presented 12 silver medals to the Australian College on 5 October 1972, commemorating two of its founding members, Lord Hunt of Fawley (the first Honorary secretary) and Dr Fraser Rose.

The first Rose-Hunt Award was presented to Dr WA Conolly, a founding father of the RACGP, in October 1974. The Rose-Hunt Award is awarded to an RACGP Fellow or member who, in the opinion of Council, has rendered outstanding service in the promotion of the objects of the RACGP, either by individual patient care, organisation, education, research or any other means. Outstanding service may be over a period of 10 years or a substantial and significant contribution to general practice over a shorter period.

Award winners

2018 Dr Evan Ackermann

1999 Dr Elizabeth Banks

2017 Dr David Knowles

1998 Professor Peter Mudge and Professor Chris Silagy

2016 Dr John Litt

1994 Dr Edgar John Hamilton (John) North

2015 Emeritus Professor Max Kamien

1993 Professor Charles Bridges-Webb

2014 Professor Michael Kidd

1992 Professor Neil E. Carson

2013 Associate Professor Morton Rawlin

1991 Dr Wesley E. (Wess) Fabb

2012 Dr Beres Wenck

1989 Dr Alan Chancellor

2011 Dr Janice Bell

1988 Dr Edward C. (Ted) Gawthorn

2010 Dr Alan (Eric) Fisher

1987 Dr Wilson Leighton (Bill) Corlis

2009 Associate Professor Diana (Di) O’Halloran

1986 Dr Bernard S. Alderson

2008 Professor Christopher (Chris) Del Mar and Associate Professor Leanne Rowe

1985 Dr Peter W.H Grieve

2007 Dr Howard Watts

1983 Dr Peter W. Gill

2006 Professor Deborah (Debbie) Saltman

1981 Dr Hamilton Stuart Patterson

2005 Dr John Golder

1980 Dr David A. Game

2004 Dr Philip Hegarty

1978 Dr Howard Morris (Shad) Saxby

2003 Professor John Murtagh

1977 Dr Robert F.F. (Rob) Harbison

2002 Dr Neil Spike

1976 Dr Carl Clifford (Cliff) Jungfer

2001 Dr Mary Mahoney

1975 Dr Monty O. Kent-Hughes

2000 Dr John Comerford and Dr Elizabeth (Beth) Jane

1974 Dr William Arnold (Bill) Conolly


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