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RACGP Awards

Recognising excellence

in general practice

Meet the 2020 RACGP Award state winners

Congratulations to all of the exceptional GPs, GPs in training and general practices across Australia who have been awarded an RACGP Award for their state.

We received a record number of nominations for this year’s awards.

Click on each of the categories below to find out who the finalists are in the 2020 RACGP Awards.

National winners will be announced at GP20 on Friday, 20 November 2020.

RACGP Awards categories

State based awards

  • Dr Bronwyn Carson – SA&NT
  • Dr Emily Gordon – Queensland
  • Dr Duncan MacKinnon – NSW&ACT
  • Dr Bernard Shiu – Victoria
  • Dr Ramya Raman – Western Australia
  • Dr John Ballantyne – Tasmania

  • Dr Ronan Mackle – SA&NT
  • Dr Danielle James – Queensland
  • Dr Aniello Iannuzzi – NSW&ACT
  • Dr Terence Heng – Victoria
  • Dr Andrew Png – Western Australia
  • Dr Jim Berryman – Tasmania


  • Dr Anna Kearney – SA&NT
  • Dr Kelly McIntosh – Queensland
  • Dr Josephine Guyer – NSW&ACT
  • Dr Katherine Snow – Victoria
  • Dr Anastasia Isakova – Western Australia

  • Victor Medical Centre – SA&NT
  • Nundah Village Family Practice – Queensland
  • YourGP@Crace – NSW&ACT
  • Altona North Medical Group – Victoria
  • Fulham GP – Western Australia
  • Saunders Street Clinic – Tasmania


National awards

The winners of the 2020 national award categories will be announced at GP20 on Friday, 20 November 2020.

The Rose-Hunt Award is the highest accolade awarded by the RACGP. The award is a gift from the Royal College of General Practitioners to the RACGP, commemorating the founding members of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Dr Fraser Rose and Lord Hunt of Fawley.

The Rose-Hunt Award is awarded to one person who is a Fellow or a member, who – in the opinion of the Board – has rendered outstanding service in the promotion of the objectives of the RACGP, either by individual patient care, organisation, education, research or any other means.

Outstanding service may be over a period of 10 years or a substantial and significant contribution to general practice over a shorter period.

Nominations can be made by any two Fellows of the RACGP.

Read more about the Rose-Hunt Award

The Corlis Award commemorates the contribution of the late Dr Wilson (Bill) Corlis to the RACGP’s standing as a leader in medical education.

This award recognises an RACGP member and/or Fellow who has contributed substantially to the education and mentoring of doctors who are on any of the RACGP pathways to Fellowship.

Nominations can be made by any financial member of the RACGP.

The Future Leaders President’s Medal recognises an individual who is identified as someone who is making a contribution to the RACGP and most likely to continue to contribute to the leadership of the RACGP or as a leader in general practice into the future. It takes into consideration leadership behaviours required in the profession as taught and evidenced through the RACGP’s Future Leaders Program.

Judging will reference the various leadership domains within the framework of the RACGP’s Future Leaders Program (see below). The recipient of the award is not required to have been a participant in the Program.

RACGP Future Leaders Program leadership domains:

Representation and advocacy

Represents the RACGP and advocates on behalf of RACGP members at local and national level

Strategic decision-making

Implements strategies in practical ways at a local level and makes objective decisions with a view to desirable long term strategic outcomes


Articulates RACGP vision to both medical and non-medical professionals; has courageous conversations and ‘takes people on the journey’

Change management and resilience

Manages own development and builds own resilience whilst supporting behavioural change in others and driving change management

GP Leader

Foundations knowledge: applies governance and organisation principles when engaged in leadership work

Honorary Membership may be awarded to persons who do not hold a registrable medical qualification and have given long and meritorious service to the RACGP and/or to general practice.

Nominations can be made by two members of the RACGP, of whom at least one must be a Fellow.

Honorary Fellowship may be awarded to RACGP members, and members of other colleges or academies. In very special or unusual circumstances non-medical persons may be considered for eligibility.

The general criteria which should be followed when considering eligibility are service to the RACGP and/or general practice, service to medicine in the fields of education, research or administration and general service to the community.

Nominations can be made by two members of the RACGP, of whom at least one must be a Fellow.

Life Fellowship is awarded to an existing Fellow of the RACGP in recognition of outstanding and meritorious service to the RACGP.

Nominations can be made by two members of the RACGP, of whom at least one must be a Fellow.


What do the winners receive?

Every RACGP Awards finalist is an inspirational doctor and a central member of their community. Recipients of previous awards have gone above and beyond to ensure their patients are at ease and have devoted their careers to enhancing the lives of others.

State winners for each of the four categories are recognised at state faculty Academic & Awards Ceremonies and they receive a trophy and winners kit to help celebrate their win.

The national winners are chosen from the pool of state winners.

Previous winners

Download a list of previous RACGP Awards winners

Other awards

RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health awards

Each year, RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health awards acknowledge Fellows, members of the RACGP or Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander people who have contributed to improving health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

For further information on these awards, please visit the RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Awards page.

RACGP Rural awards

The RACGP Rural Awards recognise outstanding achievements and exceptional individuals for their contribution to rural general practice.

Find out more about the categories on offer and how to nominate.

Further information

Nominations for the RACGP Awards are now closed. State winners will be published on this webpage on 23 September 2020, with the national winners announced at GP20 in November 2020.

For all enquiries relating to the RACGP Awards, please email awards@racgp.org.au or call +61 3 86 99 0550.


 Awards of the Board Terms of Reference (PDF 124 KB)

 Nomination kit for practice owners and managers (ZIP 18 MB)