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2020 RACGP

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2020 RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Faculty Awards.

Standing Strong Award

Dr Sarah Gleeson

Dr Sarah Gleeson
Awarded to Dr Sarah Gleeson, who is based in Goondiwindi QLD.

Dr Gleeson has supported the introduction of an Aboriginal Health Worker role, the implementation of a cultural practice survey to educate practice staff and the continued provision of outreach services to neighbouring community, Boggabilla.

Photo: Dr Sarah Gleeson with colleague Rebecca Bell

Growing Strong Award

Dr Justin Hunter

Dr Justin Hunter
Awarded to Dr Justin Hunter, a Wiradjuri man based in Sandringham, NSW.

Dr Hunter is just getting started in his registrar training and he is currently on placement at Tharawal AMS. As a member of the Royal Australian Navy, he hopes to be a mentor to others to help grow the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GPs in Defence and the wider community. His ability to connect through culture continues to inspire him in all his pathways in medicine.

Photo: Dr Justin Hunter supplied by GP Synergy

Medical Student Bursary

Ms Joanne Kaczmarek

Ms Joanne Kaczmarek
Awarded to Ms Joanne Kaczmarek, a Torres Strait Islander medical student in her 3rd year at James Cook University.

From her significant background in the Australian Public service, which included diplomatic postings to Myanmar and Nauru, Joanne is looking forward to making a change though becoming a rural GP that can provide whole-community, holistic care and embed Indigenous cultures into her practice.

Photo:  Ms Joanne Kaczmarek

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