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The RACGP's commitment to research as a core aspect of general practice is reflected in the Mission of the College, "to benefit our communities by ensuring high quality clinical practice, education and research for Australian General Practice and support our current and future members in their pursuit of clinical excellence". The RACGP Expert Committee - Research (REC-R) Strategic Plan is a component of the RACGP Strategic Plan.

The RACGP Expert Committee - Research (REC-R) provides the College with research advice and policy direction, supports the strengthening of a culture of research in general practice, and ensures a sound research base for policy development. 

In addition, the RACGP provides a number of services and supports to members undertaking general practice research.  These include the John Murtagh Library and the National Research and Evaluation Ethics Committee (NREEC). 

The PHCRIS website has a number of products and services to help researchers with funding, conducting research and evaluation, collaborating, and disseminating.

For further information about RACGP research services, please contact or call 03 8699 0497.